CMA Awards Crowd Awkwardly Mistakes Drew Parker for Cody Johnson

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Breaking into country music stardom is difficult, as the increasingly popular Cody Johnson well knows. However, one rising country artist, Drew Parker, sure saw the consequences of that. Recently, a group of country fans mistook him for the former during the CMA Awards.

Footage captures Drew Parker as he sports a light blue button down and cowboy hat. After exiting the Bridgestone Arena, he approaches a crowd of country music fans during the award show. However, footage of the incident captures the intensely awkward moment as Parker walks out of the arena as Johnson’s “On My Way to You” plays over speakers. His face is clearly visible and fans persist in yelling, “CODY!” with their phones held up to record. Check it out.

@mindyirby Cma 2021 #nashville #cma #bridgestonearena #broadway #fyp #countrymusic ♬ On My Way to You – Cody Johnson

Fortunately, however, Drew Parker had a pretty good sense of humor concerning the whole Cody Johnson mix-up. Afterward, he shared a clip of the incident as he dueted along with the Johnson song. Beneath the clip, Parker humorously asked followers if he should tell everyone who they actually met, rather than Cody Johnson.

Ultimately, someone had to figure it out. Nevertheless, we feel for Drew Parker. Although, it just goes to show how much of a fanbase Johnson’s built since first breaking into country music. Hopefully soon enough, we can say the same thing for rising country star, Drew Parker.

Cody Johnson Debuts First Christmas Album

While we wish Drew Parker the best of luck this festive time of year, Cody Johnson has also begun celebrating the holiday season with his very first Christmas album.

Released on November 19th, the album marks a new career milestone for Cody Johnson. Coming hot on the heels of his latest double album, Human The Double Album, A Cody Johnson Christmas boasts a collection of holiday favorites and originals alike.

Two highlights from A Cody Johnson Christmas consist of Willie Nelson’s “Pretty Paper” and Merle Haggard’s “If We Make It Through December.” Holiday originals consist of “Hat Made of Mistletoe” and “Christmas All Year Long.”

However, alongside the country icons, Cody Johnson endeavored in including the family aspect of the holiday season within his new album. Several covers feature the voices of his own family members, including that of his wife and two daughters.

Together, the family sings brand new and memorable covers of Christmas favorites, such as “Silent Night.”

While the new album features a host of both talent and Christmas songs alike, Cody Johnson revealed in a sit-down with Outsider that Willie Nelson’s “Pretty Paper” is a favorite of both his and his wife’s. As we rapidly approach the cheery holiday, we’ll most likely be listening to Johnson’s new Christmas album on loop.