CMA Awards: Who Has More Nominations All-Time, Eric Church or Chris Stapleton?

by Jonathan Howard

CMA Award nominations are out and it appears two artists are the top of the top. Eric Church and Chris Stapleton lead the way in nominations. This is the 55th annual Country Music Association awards and the 2021 nominations have been released.

Both Church and Stapleton received five nominations this year. Oh, they are also nominated in the same five categories. That means each category will be a contest between the two. While they probably don’t take much stock in competing over trophy count, they are no doubt honored to have so many nominations. Although they both have a long list of nominations in the past.

However, one of these artists has had more nominations all-time than the other. It comes as no surprise, but Eric Church has 35 nominations total, including the five from this year. However, Chris Stapleton has 26 total in his career. Church had a bit of a headstart, getting his first nomination in 2011. That is a whole four years before Stapleton’s first nomination. They go head-to-head this year, though.

Really, these CMAs are just a reminder that country music fans are blessed. There is so much talent, diversity of personality, sound, and background, and so much more. It is a great time to be a fan of the genre. While it is all in good fun at the end of the day, Eric Church and Chris Stapleton didn’t beat out Miranda Lambert’s nomination list last year. Last year, the most nominated woman in CMA history had seven honors. She has three nominations this year.

It will be a great night of awards and plenty of great artists will speak and perform. Fans will be excited debating who should win and what artists got snubbed.

Eric Church Tries Entertainer of the Year Repeat

So, we have talked about three artists that have been nominated for entertainer of the year. Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, and Miranda Lambert. However, they aren’t the only ones that are up for the award. The other two artists joining the list are Luke Combs and Carrie Underwood. Stapleton is the only change to the top-5 from last year. Meaning the other four managed to retain their nominations from last year.

It was Eric Church that won the award last year. He is the only nominee that has won the award in the past. So, if anyone besides Church takes the award, it will be a first for that artist. It would be pretty nice to see a new winner for the award.

There is no doubt that the night will be filled with great performances and be a celebration of country music. Final voting takes place throughout October. The show will air on ABC on November 10th.