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Cody Jinks Announces Two Albums for the Fall

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

If you’re a fan of singer and songwriter Cody Jinks, the fall of 2021 promises to be an exciting time for you. The 41-year-old Texas native plans to release not just one – but two – albums before the end of the year.

Making that even better, the two albums will be from two different genres. According to The Boot, one of the albums is titled “Mercy.” This album is a solo country effort by Cody Jinks. The other album is a metal album titled “None the Wiser.” For this project, the singer worked with his band, Caned By Nod.

Both albums will be available on Nov. 12.

Interestingly, Cody Jinks recorded both “Mercy” and “None the Wiser” at the same time. This was a new and “very different” experience for the artist.

“Literally, it was being in one studio and walking next door. And going from this beautiful country song that we’re doing to just this really angry metal song, flipping a switch,” Jinks explained.

Cody Jinks reportedly wrote songs for the “Mercy” album while he was in quarantine due to the global COVI-19 pandemic. It is an album that will, of course, his usual “electric country” style. It also has touches of rock, blues, and soul.

With the “None the Wiser” album, Jinks has returned to a genre he is familiar with. Before his country music career took off he was a member of a metal band. Also, some of the songs on this album were penned years ago. For example, some tracks have their origins during the early years of the century. This album is described as having elements of “classic rock, thrash metal, and psychedelic-tinged grunge.”

Cody Jinks Has Already Released Songs from His Upcoming Albums

If the Nov. 12 release date for the new Cody Jinks albums is too far away for you, you can get a sample of both ahead of time. Jinks has already released one song off of each of the albums. Off of “Mercy,” he has shared the song “All It Cost Me Was Everything.”

You can listen to this country song below.

Off of the “None the Wiser” album, Jinks has released the song “Middle Finger.” You can listen to this new track below. You can experience the difference in style between the albums. And, what a difference it is.


While you are waiting on the new albums by Cody Jinks to come out, you can also see him perform live during 2021. The songwriter and singer is currently on tour. According to his website, he has concert dates scheduled into December.

He has stops planned in New Orleans, Louisiana; Richard, Virginia; Pryor, Oklahoma; Austin, Texas; Asheville, North Carolina; and Law Vegas, Nevada.