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Cody Jinks Celebrates Landing at No. 5 on Americana Music Association’s Album Chart

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

On Friday (April 8th), country music singer and songwriter Cody Jinks took to Instagram to celebrate his album “Mercy” landing at No. 5 on Americana Music Association’s album chart. 

“#5!” Cody Jinks declared. “In some great company here. Thanks to the Americana Music Association for all the work they do in support of the long list of hard working bands.”

Along with celebrating the big album chart news, Cody Jinks also thanked radio stations for playing his music. “Thanks to each and every radio station that kindly play my music!”

Cody Jinks’ album “Mercy” was released in November 2021 by the record label Late August. The album features tracks such as “All It Cost Me Was Everything,” “Hurt You,” “Feeding the Flames,” and “Like a Hurricane.”

The album was also released just a little over two years after Jink’s released his “The Wanting” album. 

Cody Jinks Opens Up About His 2021 Album ‘Mercy’

While chatting with Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen, Cody Jinks opened up about his 2021 album. “There was such a separation of the type of songs,” Cody Jink explained about the album’s songs. “Because, take the title track, ‘Mercy,’ which is this very, very understated, beautiful love song. And then there’s a couple other songs on there like that as well.”

However, not all the tracks are like the title track. “But then you have the ones like ‘How It Works’ and ‘Hurricane.’ And we did change it up a little bit this time, we put some more rocking stuff on there.” 

Meanwhile, Cody Jinks admitted that he felt like he was screwing with people when he released his latest album. “When this record drops, you’re going to have a lot of people going, ‘There’s too much rock on it.’ And we’re prepared for that. But as a band, we had so much fun making this record that, yeah, there’s some rock and roll on it. If you don’t like that song, I’m sorry. Maybe listen to the words.”

Cody Jinks Reveals The Story Behind His ‘How it Works’ Single

As he continued his chat, Cody Jinks also revealed some songs were inspired by his personal life. He said his track “How it Works” was written after he and his wife got into argument. “We basically got into an argument over a router cord.”

Cody Jinks further explained that his wife was stressed out because he was at home. And he then said he was stressed out and she was trying to help him. “I’m being a huge a—hole and I know this. And I know that I’m not the easiest person to work for. That’s why she says she’s my wife and now somebody that works for me.”