Cody Jinks Performs Powerful Cover of Alan Jackson’s ‘Between The Devil and Me’

by Emily Morgan
cody-jinks-performs-cover-of-alan-jacksons -between-the-devil-and-me

Cody Jinks wowed fans when he delivered a powerful rendition of Alan Jackson’s “Between The Devil & Me.”

On Facebook, Jinks performed the stripped-down acoustic cover, noting that it was his song from the iconic ’90s country legend. He also revealed that he considers the track to be about his marriage. 

“This is my favorite song and it’s very, very hard to sing so if my voice cracks, hey man it’s live, we’re doin’ this,” Cody Jinks joked before the casual performance. “It’s a song called ‘Between The Devil And Me,’ it’s a song about me and my wife.” 

Written by Harley Allen and Carson Chamberlain, the track comes from Jackson’s 1996 album, Everything I Love. It served as the album’s fifth single from that record, released the following year in 1997.

“This world can take you by the hand

And tempt the soul of any man

You can choose your path

There’s two roads you can take

One way is right and one is wrong

The flesh is weak

But love is strong

And she’s all I see between the Devil and me”

The song has all the making of a great country song from that era: desire, sin, redemption, and love. The song choice doesn’t come as a surprise, considering Cody Jinks has written songs about the same themes countless times. 

Cody Jinks: Alan Jackson’s #1 Fan

This isn’t the first time Jinks has put his spin on an Alan Jackson standard. In July 2020, he performed Jackson’s “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow” at a South Carolina show. 

After he finished, he explained why he chose the song. 

 “I always loved that song… my wife and kids and I were having dinner a few weeks ago and the restaurant that we were at, that song came on and I hadn’t heard it in a long time, and I kind of teared up, I said I gotta do that song, I finally made it, I gotta do that song.”

In fact, Cody Jinks admires it so much that he’s known to perform the song regularly. During his headlining show at Red Rocks back in 2019, he covered the tune.