Cody Jinks Releases Live Performance Videos from Red Rocks Concert

by Clayton Edwards

Cody Jinks has been hard at work over the past year. Not long ago, fans learned that he has been working on not one but two new albums. Jinks will release a new country album titled Mercy as well as a metal album titled None the Wiser under the band name Caned By Nod in November. Recently, Jinks released some live cuts to hold his fans over until the new music hits streaming services.

Over the past couple of days, Cody Jinks released a total of six new videos on his YouTube channel. They are all from his 2019 show at Red Rocks Amphitheater and are guaranteed to get fans pumped for his upcoming live shows as well as the new music he has on the way. Let’s get into the videos.

Cody Jinks Starts Strong with “Hippies & Cowboys”

It seems fitting to kick off the live video releases with “Hippies & Cowboys,” it’s a fan favorite. At the same time, it lyrically captures what makes Cody Jinks so popular with a wide variety of fans. He doesn’t care about writing “songs that sell,” Jinks just wants to put out good music. This track is just that.

“Holy Water”

“Holy Water,” is from Cody Jinks’ 2018 album Lifers. That album went to number two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It had two singles. However, “Holy Water” wasn’t one of them. The crowd’s reaction proves that they know the album cuts just as well as the singles.

“I’m Not the Devil”

“I’m Not the Devil,” is the title track from Cody Jinks’ independently-released 2012 album. That was the first of his records to chart and debuted at number four on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

Cody Jinks Plays “Colorado” in Colorado

Red Rocks Amphitheater is located in Morrison, Colorado. So, there’s no way Cody Jinks could play a show there without doing this cut from Lifers. The locals obviously loved the nod to their home state. At the same time, you don’t have to be from Colorado to hear the quality of this tune. It highlights Cody’s range as a songwriter as well as a performer. in fact, the live cut might be better than the album version.

“No Guarantees”

Good country songs about living and learning hard lessons are hard to beat. Add a heaping helping of pedal steel and Cody Jinks’ considerable songwriting and vocal talent to the mix and you’ve got an instant classic. “No Guarantees,” checks all the boxes.

“Been Around”

The last video that Cody Jinks dropped was his live performance of “Been Around.” It’s from the 2010 record Less Wise and has aged like fine wine. It’s a solid performance and the crowd goes absolutely nuts when it’s over.

More Cody Jinks

If you want to hear Cody Jinks’ metal project Caned By Nod, you can. He dropped a short teaser for the song “Middle Finger,” on that band’s official Facebook page. Go check it out.