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Cody Jinks Releases New Track from His Metal Project ‘Caned By Nod’

by Jacklyn Krol
Erika Goldring, Getty Images

Cody Jinks‘ released the follow-up single to his metal project and it’s an instant hit.

The genre-bending musician debuted his second single off of his upcoming metal record, “Dying Trying.” Caned By Nod’s record None The Wiser will feature ten tracks, including the most recent release. The single has a similar beat to Heart’s Barracuda with Cody Jink’s signature vocals.

“When mortality sets in and you can’t remember where you’ve been,” Jinks sings.

Listen to the track, below.

Although are probably most familiar with Jink’s country music, he managed to work on two albums of different genres at once.

“It was very different recording them at the same time,” Jinks noted in a press release. “Literally, it was being in one studio and walking next door and going from this beautiful country song that we’re doing to just this really angry metal song, flipping a switch. The actual art of writing was the only thing I really had to focus on to keep myself sane…the song comes first. If I’m not writing a great song, then I’m dead in the water. I really, really focused on being a better wordsmith.”

Cody Jinks’ New Album

If you didn’t know, Cody Jinks was actually a metal musician before going country. He fronted the thrash-metal band Unchecked Aggression. Although he transitioned into the country genre, his rock roots still remained.

He first mentioned revisiting the genre back in August 2020. “I’m not saying I’ve been writing some rock music,” he tweeted. “I’m not saying I have a catalog of rock songs I’ve been stacking up for years… But let’s say I did say that, now what?”

The entirety of Mercy was created during quarantine. He worked alongside collaborators Kendell Marvel, Adam Hood, Tennessee Jet, Josh Morningstar, Greg C. Jones, The Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett. Additionally, Cody Jinks’ wife Rebecca also contributed.

For None The Wiser, Jinks co-wrote the tracks with Ben Heffley, his former bandmate. All of that music was written over the past year and a half. Caned By Nod consists of Cody Jinks on vocals/guitars, Jacob Lentner (guitars), Aksel Coe (drums), and Calvin Knowles (bass).

Jinks’ frequent collaborator Ward Davis spoke highly of the return to his metal roots.

“After I heard the ‘metal record,’ in the studio, I realized there was more to my friend than I would ever know, because the music he created for this Caned by Nod project, is a F–KING MASTERPIECE,” Davis assured The Boot. He said that his jaw was on the floor for the recording session and that his mind was blown over the material. Davis admitted that this is some of his best work yet.

Cody Jinks’ two new metal and country albums None The Wiser, and Mercy will debut on November 12.