Cody Jinks Reveals First Song Title From Upcoming Album

by Amy Myers

The “Loud and Heavy” country artist, Cody Jinks, announced the long-awaited arrival of his new album, Mercy. On Twitter, Jinks excitedly told followers that Mercy will drop in November 2021.

He also included the name of the first song on the album, “All It Cost Me Was Everything.” Jinks reported that he wrote the song with “two incredible writers and friends,” Josh Morningstar and Kendell Marvel. Both Morningstar and Marvel are country singers as well and have collaborated with Jinks in the past.

Cody Jinks Grabs Two Certified Gold Singles

The news of Cody Jinks’ latest album comes after his impressive accomplishments in March and August last year. Despite the chaos of COVID-19 restrictions, Jinks’ hit song, “Loud and Heavy” became RIAA Certified Gold on March 31st. This achievement is even more astounding because of the fact that Jinks is not signed with any major label. Usually, songs from artists with major labels get more time on the radio, which means for Cody Jinks, his certifications came even with limited exposure on the radio.

Only a few months later, Jinks struck Gold once again with his song, “Hippies and Cowboys,” released in 2010 with his album Less Wise. And that might not be all. Saving Country Music reported that Jinks will likely receive Platinum certification by RIAA for “Loud and Heavy.” It’s just a matter of time and paperwork before the announcement is made.

With all the attention he’s receiving, it’s a wonder how quickly the songs off his new album, Mercy, will gain traction.

Jinks to Perform With Fellow Country Star Travis Tritt

The good news keeps rolling with Cody Jinks. As well as his certifications and newest album, he also announced that he will be performing with country legend, Travis Tritt, at an upcoming Texas show later this year.

Jinks has shown his respect for big stars like Tritt in the past to his fans. And the two seem to share the same perspective when it comes to country music.

Recently, Tritt posted on Twitter that he hopes to see newer country stars continue to play old-style country songs before pop wiggled its way into the genre.

“I must admit that I’m encouraged when I hear local young opening acts doing old school country songs from the 50’s thru the 90’s at my shows,” Tritt wrote. “It makes me feel like there is a chance for real country to return to the forefront. There are a lot of folks anxiously waiting for that.”

And Jinks agrees. He retweeted Tritt’s post and wrote his own response to the current state of country music.

“I second that and can confirm the ‘return’ will happen! To the other bands aspiring to be ‘country’ – Remember that we are all just walking on the pavement that Travis Tritt and many other greats laid down. Respect that first and then get to work,” Jinks shared.

Now, Cody Jinks will receive the greatest honor of all by sharing that big stage with Travis Tritt.