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Cody Jinks Shows Off Lifelike Jack-O-Lantern From Fan

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Country star Cody Jinks is thanking a fan for her incredible pumpkin carving of him by sharing the impressive sculpt on Instagram.

This independent musician can be a man of few words. Cody Jinks may be a Billboard-topping country music star, but his brand aims to keep the “independent” label through and through. Even his official Facebook page toutes Jinks as “The biggest independent country artist on the planet. Cody Jinks. He’s always done it his way – and will always do it his way.”

So when a fan named Mandy Penny shares a lifelike jack-o-lantern of the star online – THEN he lights up. But with 6 words. No need to go overboard, right Jinks?

“Awesome. Thanks Mandy Penny for sharing.”

What. Powerful. Words.

Though, to his credit – he thanks the pumpkin’s carver – and then states what he thinks of it. “Awesome”.

Awesome, Indeed, Cody Jinks. You are Now a Pumpkin:

Who wouldn’t share a carving a fan did of them into a jack-o-lantern? Such an honor is typically bestowed on timeless characters like Frankenstein, Bert & Ernie, and that one actress your step-dad’s creepily obsessed with.

As for Jinks, the fan’s pumpkin comes as a ray of light in a dark year. Jinks had to cancel his Texas tour due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the toll this year’s taken on him, he’s come out with some real grizzly songs this year. Rolling Stone has the following to say of his latest single:

“Many new quarantine-themed songs have come with a message of resilience or hope for better days, but Cody Jinks has taken a very different tack with his new tune “Watch the World Die.” The brooding number is the Texas singer-songwriter’s first release since he put out the pair of albums The Wanting and After the Fire in 2019.”

“Built off a slow, minor-key groove that eventually begins to take on some nü-metal heft, “Watch the World Die” sees the impending apocalypse and offers only a couple of raised middle fingers. “The final chapter’s near the end so one more time we’ll tear that curtain,” he sings, as if he’s simply clocking in to do his duty before everything’s wiped out. His solution is to make love while the clock runs out. “In the morning if it’s just the two of us, we know we’ve done it right,” he sings, which is about as close to hope as the song gets.”

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