Cody Johnson Earns First Country Radio #1 With ”Til You Can’t’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Kicker Country Stampede)

Less than six months after the initial release of ‘Til You Can’t, country music singer and songwriter Cody Johnson earns his first country radio #1 with the single. 

Country music chart insider, Chris Owen, took to Twitter to share the big news about Cody Johnson. He stated in the tweet, “Til You Can’t by Cody Johnson is officially the #1 song on the Mediabase country chart [this] week. It will be #1 on Billboard Country Airplay tomorrow. Cody’s first career #1 at mainstream country radio. One of those special life-changing songs everyone was rooting for.”

The latest country radio milestone comes just days after Cody Johnson announced he received nominations for three CMT Music Awards. Which were Video of the Year; Male of the Year; and CMT Digital-First Performance of the Year. “I am so honored to be nominated for [three] CMT Awards,” Johnson declared. “Voting is live now. You can vote every day.”

Cody Johnson States ’Til You Can’t’ Has a Special Message That Is Needed to be Heard

According to Country Daily, Cody Johnson stated that Til You Can’t has a special message that is needed to be heard. “Til You Can’t is an opportunity for me to give a good massage. Not only did I think that people needed to hear the message of take chances and go out and do things. Tell people you love them. Tell them you’re sorry. Really live life until you can’t. Not only did they need to hear it, I needed to hear it.”

Cody Johnson then said that every night that he’s played Til You Can’t on stage has completely changed his perspective on things that were going on in his own life. Although it was one of the few songs he didn’t write for his Human: The Double Album, Johnson told CMT that he knew he wanted to be part of it when he first heard the song’s lyrics. 

“It would have been hard not to choose that song because of the message,” Cody Johnson declared to CMT. “M thought was if this is a hint, what a great message to have your name attached to.”

However, Cody Johnson said that he and his producer, Trent Willmon, switched things up to make the song a “fist-pumping, sing-along” favorite. “We were like, ‘This needs to be a message. If you’ve got a chance, take the change. Go out and chase your dreams until you can’t. Every one of us, you try not to think about it every day. But we all have an expiration date. From now until that expiration date, it’s about chase your dreams. Take your chance. Tell people you love that you love them. It turned into this happy, anthemic experience.”