Cody Johnson and Ian Munsick Team Up for New Single ‘Long Live Cowgirls’

by Maggie Schneider

Cody Johnson and Ian Munsick are teaming up on their latest single, “Long Live Cowgirls.” The county track was just released today.

Their new single, “Long Live Cowgirls,” combines influence from modern country and western throwbacks. The song begins with a fiddle and acoustic guitar. It is dedicated to the cowgirls, telling the story of the strength and beauty of women living in the country.

Like a paint-colored mustang / She’s fast and she’s wild / Stop a runaway freight train
With her high country smile /She’s tough as December
/ Salt of the earth
Make ya fall like September/ Long live cowgirls
,” the lyrics read.

The collaboration keeps the spirit of old country music alive. Ian Munsick loves working with Cody Johnson.

“When I think of modern country and western music, I think of Cody Johnson,” he says. “The way he pays respect to the tradition of the genre yet puts his own stamp on it is what has drawn me to his music for the last 10 years.”

To Munsick, the single is a testament to the western way of life and how it’s still thriving today.” Check out “Long Live the Cowgirls” below:

Cody Johnson’s Mission

According to Cody Johnson, country music does not sound the way it used to. Missing the throwback sound of the genre, he says that it is his mission to go back to its roots.

“I saw somebody with a sign back there that said ‘Save Country Music.’ Can we all agree on something? Country music doesn’t sound like country music anymore. It is my life’s mission to change that.”

Johnson’s “mission” is one that definitely speaks to a large audience. For instance, his single “Dear Rodeo” made its way onto an episode of “Yellowstone.”

Others called the track “too rodeo for rodeo.” Johnson does not focus on the critics. He focuses on the meaning behind the song.

“The minute that I went to my first high school rodeo here in this arena, I fell in love with the whole show. I just want to be a part of it someway somehow,” Cody Johnson says. “Looking back on it now, I think the bull was just a representation of something I was looking for. And I didn’t know that it was going to lead to the things I’ve done now.”

Featuring Reba McEntire, the song proves Johnson’s critics wrong. We hope that more of his songs make it onto the Yellowstone soundtrack as well!