Cody Johnson Releases the Official Trailer for His Documentary ‘Dear Rodeo’

by Samantha Whidden

On Wednesday (July 14th) country music singer-songwriter Cody Johnson released the official trailer for his upcoming documentary Dear Rodeo: the Cody Johnson Story.

According to a press release from COJO Music/Warner Music Nashville and Trafalgar Releasing, Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story recounts the country star’s real-life journey from dusty rodeo arenas in Texas to performing at some of the biggest music performance stages in America. 

Cody then says in his latest Instagram post that the documentary captures every emotion he has felt over the past 20 years. “Whether standing in the back of the chute at the rodeo or singing about it in front of 75,000 fans. [The film] shows you all the highs and lows that come from following the dreams you cling to and the dreams you let go of.”

Cody Johnson announced the documentary last week on Twitter. “I’m happy to announce that Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story will be showing in theaters across the nation. With limited screenings from August 10th!”

Johnson then noted that the film will feature interviews with Reba and Taya Kyle. “The film is a love letter to everyone who has had to abandon a dream in order to find true purpose,” Cody proclaims.

Cody Johnson Shares Details about His Southern Roots

In a previous interview with Southern Living, Cody Johnson shares details about his southern roots. “I think anywhere that you go int eh South, you feel like you’re at home,” Johnson explains. He then says while he loves to travel, spend time abroad, to him there’s nothing like the feeling of home and playing shows at home for “warm, Southern people.”

Cody Johnson also discussed his 2016 album Gotta be Me. He describes the album as definitely having more of a “raw, honky tonk-ness” about it. “I think this really comes down to the fact that we got to spend more time it. It wasn’t about fitting a certain record and certain songs into a certain budget or time frame.”

In regards to where he pulls inspiration for his songwriting, Cody Johnson explains that his wife and daughters have an influence on his writing along with his upbringing and rodeo background. “You can write about the pain and the happiness. You can try to prepare for it, but sometimes, it just hits you out of the blue.”

Cody Johnson then goes on to add that Garth Brooks and George Strait have the most impact on his sound. “I love that George always had a line that he walked. He stays true to his sound and his music, saying ‘This is who I am, this is what I do.’”