Cody Johnson Releases Reba McEntire Cover ‘Whoever’s in New England’

by Matthew Wilson

Cody Johnson continues his love for Reba McEntire. The country singer announced his cover of McEntire’s “Whoever’s in New England” is available on streaming services.

“‘Whoever’s In New England’ is now available everywhere for y’all to hear,” Johnson wrote and shared the link.

The song featured on McEntire’s 1986 album of the same name. Upon release, the song earned McEntire a No.1 country hit. So far, you can add McEntire to the list of Johnson’s growing fans. She was flattered the artist wanted to cover her music and said she loved what Johnson did with the song.

Cody Johnson and Reba McEntire Duet a Song Together

McEntire also teamed up with Johnson last month on his new single “Dear Rodeo.” For both artists, rodeos impacted their lives. On McEntire’s podcast “An Intimate Conversation,” the two traded stories about how they gave up pursuing a career in rodeos to pursue country music.

“I brought from rodeo into this determination, a work ethic,” McEntire said. “You had your work ethic, you had your goals, your determination, and you had something to really prove that that didn’t work,” she tells Johnson.

Johnson felt inspired to write a song about the experiences.

“The story behind ‘Dear Rodeo’ is more a story about life and less about rodeo,” Johnson said in a statement. “I feel like everybody has their own ‘Dear Rodeo’ story. And when I found out that Reba was impacted by this song enough to want to do a duet, it was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my career. Reba adds a certain level of authenticity to this song that makes it so special. I love it when people sing songs about rodeo and cowboys. But there’s a little bit of a different feel when you know that somebody can walk the walk they’re talking.”