Cody Johnson’s ‘Til You Can’t’ Hits No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Chart

by Shelby Scott

Cody Johnson has been making waves this year with his thrilling double album Human. However, one song boasts a message stronger than most and that’s his brand new Billboard Hot Country Chart No. 1, “Til You Can’t.”

As per Billboard, “Til You Can’t” scored No. 1 on the Hot Country chart for airplay, streaming, and sales-based songs. Meanwhile, it sits at number eight on the Billboard chart, and number five on Mediabase airplay charts. Altogether, the country singer’s latest hit has garnered a massive global streaming total of 160 million. And given the message of his latest hit, it’s no surprise the tune has taken the music world by storm.

‘Til You Can’t’ Conveys Meaningful Message

For Outsiders that have had “Til You Can’t” on repeat lately, go ahead and take another listen here. After all, there isn’t a single message embedded within the song that isn’t worth listening to more than once.

However, if you’re just now listening in, Cody Johnson is sure to rock your world with this one. From the get-go, he snags our attention, telling stories about missed opportunities to go fishing with Dad, handing out rain checks “Til you can’t.”

The entirety of the heartfelt song highlights some of the most important relationships of our lives. It puts an emphasis on making time for those who matter most because, as we know, tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Meanwhile, in Cody Johnson’s case, we can guarantee the country star is celebrating every moment his hit song spends at the top.

“I’m so excited to see the ripples that this song has created,” Cody Johnson shared with fans. “After playing music for almost 15 years, I’m still taken back by the power of a good country song.”

So, until the day arrives that the brand new No. 1 fades from radio waves, we’ll be listening to it ’til we can’t.

Cody Johnson Outwits Arena-Wide Power Outage

While we love Cody Johnson for his frequently raw, meaningful, and down-to-earth songs and messages, he’s also one of the most genuine and dedicated Outsiders you could ever hope to meet.

Frequent concert goers have seen their fair share of unexpected events, from rain delays, technological difficulties, and even overly drunken performers. However, Cody Johnson experienced one of the worst when his concert at the Appalachian Wireless Arena was put in jeopardy due to a venue-wide power outage.

Fortunately, the country star isn’t deterred so easily and, after a brief delay, TikTok footage captured Johnson and his band as they powered microphones through extension chords that lead to their tour bus. Until power was fully restored, he and the crew played acoustically for the massive crowd of country music fans.