Cole Swindell Announces Death of His Mother, Carol

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for BMI)

Cole Swindell took to Instagram late Monday evening to share some heartbreaking news. The country star revealed that his mother, Carol, passed away.

This is the second parental loss for Cole Swindell to mourn. His father, unfortunately, died in September of 2013 rather unexpectedly, at the very start of Swindell’s success in the industry.

In talking to Pop Culture in the past, Swindell attributed most of his success to his mother. Her support throughout his career, he says, paved the way for him to really come into himself and build an authentic career. In his own words:

“She’s the one that keeps me humble. She’s the one that, no matter how stressed out I get, if I wanna be here or wanna be there, she is always the first person to remind me, ‘Come on, Cole. Think about it. Me and you would have never thought you’d be where you are right now.’ I always say that, but I mean it because it takes someone like her to put it all in perspective.”

He continues on. “This world, this business, it keeps you on the ground, always wondering what’s next, instead of thinking about, ‘Look at what we’ve done.’ She’s always the one that’s the first to remind me, and I can’t thank her enough.”

Swindell responded kindly to the condolences offered to him on Twitter.

Cole Swindell on Making His Mom Proud

Swindell doesn’t measure his success by the number of records sold, or the number of concert attendees on tour. Instead, in the past, Swindell directly related his success to his mother and how she felt about certain career moves. In the same interview as previously mentioned, he provided a statement on the matter.

The statement talks about the aftermath of one of his craziest years yet. After releasing his third studio album, All of It, Swindell found himself both headlining his own tour and also serving as direct support for Luke Bryan on Bryan’s Sunset Repeat Tour at the same time. Also in the same timeframe, Swindell launched his own line of moonshine. Here’s what he said:

“She’s proud. How proud she is of me, and the way this makes her feel, she deserves every bit of it. I wouldn’t be here without her. She gave me everything I ever needed to grow up, and she did that by herself, so I love her. I’m excited that I get to take care of her from here on out.”

And that’s exactly what Cole Swindell did. He took care of her.

As he begins to tackle the grieving process, we at Outsider send our very warmest thoughts and prayers.