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Cole Swindell Releases ‘Never Say Never’ Single with Lainey Wilson

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)

It’s been a big year for country music despite the impact of the global pandemic. This spring saw live music slowly begin to emerge following international shutdowns and artists returned to studios. Since then, country stars have released hit single after hit single to awaiting listeners. Now, “Single Saturday Night” singer Cole Swindell released his latest single, “Never Say Never” with rising star Lainey Wilson. With such unique vocal styles, Outsider is beyond excited to see the single climb charts.

“Never Say Never” comes as Cole Swindell’s 12th studio single, on the heels of his latest No. 1’s, “Single Saturday Night” and “Love You Too Late.”

Swindell and Wilson announced the firey song’s release across social media on Thursday, and you can check it out below. However, the new single officially heads to radio airwaves on Monday, November 22nd.

Compared to the country star’s previous releases, “Never Say Never” puts a twist on Swindell’s usual style. He moves away from modern bar ballads and classic heartbreak songs to a more intense, instrumental sound. Combined with Lainey Wilson’s vocals, the lyrics and instrumentals give listeners a new perspective surrounding the artist’s breadth of talents. It instead dives into less explored creative styles on the singer’s behalf.

Capping the chorus of the brand new song, Lainey Wilson and Cole Swindell merge their diverse vocals, belting out, “You’re all I want/I never say never with you.” The frequent alternating and repetitive notes provide the lyrics more power in the punch, sure to make Cole Swindell’s latest release a major success.

Cole Swindell is Proud to Share New Single with a Friend

Cole Swindell made his initial mark on country music in 2013, with the memorable song, “Chillin’ It.” Initially picked up on SiriusXM’s The Highway, the song instantly saw success, leading to the artist’s ongoing country music career.

On the other hand, rising country star Lainey Wilson recently emerged in the industry, her song “Things a Man Oughta Know” taking listeners by storm. Further, while the rising star is relatively new in the country music industry, Cole Swindell was nevertheless enthused in releasing “Never Say Never” with her.

In discussing the duet, he said, “I have been a fan of Lainey Wilson’s for a while now and what she brings to this song is everything it needed.”

Simultaneously, Wilson added, “‘Things a Man Oughta Know’ was such an incredible ride…I can’t wait to…see where [‘Never Say Never’] leads.”

However, Wilson also stated that now, releasing “Never Say Never” will be a unique experience. She shared, “It makes the journey that much more special that I get to share it with a friend this time around–I’m looking forward to playing it for y’all and I’m sure Cole is too!”

Now, as Cole Swindell recently wrapped up touring with fellow country icon Thomas Rhett on the latter’s “Center Point Road Tour” and heads a tour of his own, he’s also readying to celebrate the holidays. Among his latest announcement, country music fans can also catch Cole Swindell as he performs on CBS‘s “New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash” this December 31st.