Cole Swindell Reveals Awesome Story Behind How First Song He Ever Wrote With Thomas Rhett Went No. 1

by Matthew Wilson

Cole Swindell has had an interesting journey in Nashville. The singer went from selling t-shirts to touring at packed-out concerts. Over the years, Swindell has several hit songs as both an artist and songwriter. After all, who can forget the moving tearjerker “You Should Be Here” for instance? Cole wrote that song about the death of his father William.

But Swindell will never forget his first song that went No. 1. Stopping by Outsider Studios for The Marty Smith Podcast, the singer walked host Marty Smith through his days as a songwriter. Before he became a singer himself, Swindell landed a much-needed career boost by penning Thomas Rhett’s “Get Me Some Of That.”

Country music fans, of course, will know the tune for its bombastic sound and party vibes. Back in 2013, both Swindell and TR had a major hit on their hands. “Get Me Some of That” shot straight to the top of the country music charts on release.

“He had been out for a while, [and] he was just taking off. He was already one of my favorite people and a big fan of his music,” Swindell recalls.

Cole Swindell Reveals Story Behind the Song

A star was born as they say. “Get Me Some of That” may have boosted Thomas Rhett’s already growing career. But, it proved to be an even bigger impact on Cole Swindell and his rise from t-shirt salesman to songwriter to one day, country star. Swindell got candid with Smith about the songwriting process. He actually wrote the tune with TR’s dad Rhett Akins and Michael Carter.

“Just the story behind that song and it being my first No.1 as a writer, I was always a huge Rhett Akins fan. That’s the first song, me and Rhett ever wrote together,” Swindell continues.

Rhett Akins realized the song had a lot of potential and introduced the tune to his son. Thomas Rhett quickly agreed, deciding to include the song on not just his album It Goes Like That but also as a single as well.

“Somehow, he plays it for Thomas [Rhett]. Thomas hears it, loves it, puts it on the record,” Swindell says. “That’s enough. This is life-changing for a writer with not much going on. Finds out it’s going to be a single, ends up being No. 1. The fact that it’s my first as a songwriter, I wrote it with his dad.”

These days both Swindell and TR remain good friends as well. In fact, they’re both going to be touring together in the near future.

“Me and Thomas [Rhett] are buddies,” Swindell says. “We’re touring together this upcoming year. So stories like I feel only happen in Nashville. So I’m glad to be a part of that one. But it doesn’t hurt that TR is not only talented but one of the best dudes out there.”

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