Colter Wall Cancels Fall Tour With Powerful Note to Fans

by Clayton Edwards

 In early September, Colter Wall announced that he would postpone his fall tour dates. COVID restrictions made it almost impossible for the Canadian country singer to get to America and play a string of shows. Initially, they planned to push the dates back as far as next fall. However, he and the band changed their minds. Earlier today, Wall took to social media to announce that they have decided to cancel the fall tour dates altogether.

It may sound like a bad thing, but it’s really not. Colter Wall and his band work hard for everything they have. They believe that their fans do as well. So, with that in mind. They canceled the tour so that those who bought tickets already could get their money back. If they had just postponed the dates, they worried that venues and ticket sellers wouldn’t give refunds. See the post below.

Colter Wall opened the post with “Folks, couple of things to share,” before delivering the news. “You work hard for what you have, it’s something we’ve all got in common,” he wrote. Then he said that the decision came about while his team was rescheduling his September, October, and November shows for next fall. He said, “…it just didn’t sit right with us that while you waited for rescheduled dates, your wages would be held for another year. For that reason, we canceled the shows, so the refund process could begin.”

Colter Wall went on to explain that his fans could get their money back from the place they bought the tickets. Wall added, “We appreciate each of you who bought a ticket. We hope that when the time comes, you buy a ticket to the next show.”

Colter Wall Delivers Good News

It’s really cool to see that Colter Wall cares so much about his fans. That kind of connection is just one more thing that makes artists like him so awesome. Still, it’s kind of a bummer to have to wait another year to see Colter and the Scary Prairie Boys live. With that in mind, he added some good news to the post.

“There’s new sh*t coming,” Colter Wall assured his fans. “Videos. Songs. Calluses. Keep your ears open.” We most certainly will.

While we wait for new music, videos, and calluses from Colter Wall, let’s take a moment to watch him build up the calluses on his fingertips. This video shows Colter just sitting on a couch with a guitar and singing an old cowboy song. The tune is called “Sierry Petes” or “Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail,” depending on who’s playing it. It’s about two cowpokes going into town and getting sauced. On their way back to their camp, the Devil himself blocks their path. It’s a really entertaining story. Listen to Colter Wall tell it below.