Colter Wall Forced To Postpone Nearly All of His Fall Tour

by Clayton Edwards

It’s beginning to look like we celebrated the return of live music a little too soon. At this point, for every tour that hits the road without a hitch, a handful of others have to postpone. In fact, several artists have canceled or rescheduled fall tours and other events. Colter Wall is one of those artists who had to put the brakes on their upcoming tour just before hitting the road.

Colter Wall took to Facebook last night to announce that most of his upcoming shows won’t happen as planned. At the moment, he doesn’t know when he’ll be able to bring his band and a stacked lineup of openers to stages across America.

In the post, Colter Wall said that new restrictions had been placed on many of the cities on his upcoming tour. At this point, things change almost daily. As a result, it’s hard to plan too far ahead. This is especially true for someone looking to put together a tour that stretches over multiple months and cities.

The post notes that Colter Wall and his team made the decision to postpone the fall tour dates after “detailed consideration,” of the “ever-shifting developments,” that hinder live shows. However, those who bought tickets can attend the upcoming rescheduled shows. However, the post didn’t say when those shows might take place. Instead, it noted that they would announce those dates as soon as it was feasible to do so. Additionally, ticket holders can request a refund through their point of sale.

Fortunately, a few fans will still get the chance to see Colter Wall live this year. He has three shows in December, according to his website.

12/3 at the Gillioz Theatre in Springfield, Missouri.

12/4 at the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri.

21/10 at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.

Some Colter Wall to Hold You Over

Nothing is going to replace seeing Colter Wall live. However, there are several great videos of his live performances online. So, if you’re disappointed about not seeing him this fall, these might be the next best thing.

For instance, check out this video of Colter Wall and Vincent Neil Emerson hanging out with Aquaman star Jason Mamoa. You get a peek into the backstage antics of the two traveling musicians. Additionally, Colter and his band play “Henry and Sam,” backstage and “Sleeping on the Blacktop,” onstage. Vincent Neil Emerson plays “Roadrunner,” with Colter and his band backstage.

Then, there’s this video from La Honda Records. It features intimate acoustic performances by Colter Wall, Vincent Neil Emerson, and The Local Honeys. Each artist plays a few songs. The Local Honeys do “Sweet Thing,” “Throw Me in the Thicket When I Die,” and “Redhead Yodel No. 1.” Colter does, “Houlihans at the Holiday Inn,” and “Happy Reunion,” solo. Vincent Neil Emerson plats, “Ripplin’ and Wild,” and “Letters on the Marquee,” solo. Then, Colter and Vincent do a great rendition of “Road Runner,” together.