Colter Wall Releases ‘Live in Front of Nobody’ Videos After Canceling Tour Dates

by Clayton Edwards

Early last year, live music wasn’t quite back in full swing yet. We were still feeling the pressure of the pandemic and venues, promoters, and artists were still a little gun shy into late summer and early fall. As a result, many artists started producing live stream concert events. Colter Wall and the Scary Prairie Boys followed suit with Live In Front of Nobody in March.

Colter Wall and the band took a different approach than most. Instead of streaming a concert, they recorded a full set at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios and released the resulting video as a limited live stream event. Later, La Honda Records released a limited vinyl release of Live In Front of Nobody. Unfortunately, that was the only circulation of the entire show.

On Friday, Colter Wall took to social media to announce, “We’ve been putting songs from Live in Front of Nobody on YouTube.”

This announcement comes after Colter Wall chose to cancel his upcoming tour dates. When he made that unfortunate announcement, he said that more virtual content, music, and merch was coming soon. It seems that this is the beginning of that rollout.

Watch Colter Wall and the Scary Prairie Boys

Colter Wall announced that they were sharing the videos on Friday. However, he has been slowly adding them to his YouTube channel since November. Currently, his channel contains three videos from the Live in Front of Nobody event. From his recent post, it seems that more are coming in the near future.

‘Thinkin’ on a Woman’

Colter Wall and La Honda Records released the first video in this set on November 26th of last year. They started with “Thinkin’ on a Woman” from Colter’s sophomore full-length Songs of the Plains. It was an excellent way to start.

“Thinkin’ on a Woman” isn’t one of Colter Wall’s biggest songs. However, it does showcase all of the things that make him so popular. He and the band lay down a gorgeous traditional country backdrop with brushed drums, acoustic guitars, and plenty of pedal steel.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed this video, but you can watch it here.

‘Rocky Mountain Rangers’

Colter Wall’s subscribers saw the second video for the first time in December of last year. “Rocky Mountain Rangers” comes from Colter’s latest release Western Swing and Waltzes & Other Punchy Songs. This one is a story song about an actual Canadian militia group from the 1800s. Watch it here.

‘Western Swing and Waltzes’

Colter Wall dropped the latest video on his YouTube channel the day before he made the social media announcement. The title track from his latest release is an ode to rodeo dances and features more of his classic country sound. The combination of harmonica and pedal steel in this one makes it a must for any fan of classic country.