Country Music Association to Launch First NFT in Celebration of 55th CMA Awards

by Clayton Edwards

Most country music fans know that the Country Music Association puts on an annual awards show and a couple of huge televised concerts. However, they’re much more important to the genre as a whole than any concert or awards show. Since 1958, the CMA has worked tirelessly to support and advance the genre as well as the artists and professionals who work inside it. They created the Country Music Hall of Fame. Additionally, the association’s charitable arm, the CMA Foundation, helps kids around the country get access to music education. It is with these two major goals in mind – furthering country music and funding music education – that the CMA is releasing the first-ever NFT from a country awards show.

The CMA is teaming up with Solo Music to create an NFT to celebrate this year’s awards show. According to a press release, the artwork will center around the iconic CMA Award trophy. There will be limited quantities of the artwork and it drops Friday, November 12th.

Buying the CMA NFT will get you more than just some cool artwork and bragging rights. For one, those who invest in the new venture will become the first members of the association’s brand new digital community. Those community members have exclusive access to special ticket deals for upcoming CMA events. Additionally, they’ll have access to unique content only available to those who buy-in. However, that’s only part of the benefits. Those who purchase the image will also get the knowledge that their money is going to a good cause. Net proceeds from the NFT will benefit the CMA Foundation.

More About the CMA NFT

CMA CEO Sarah Trahern talked about how they hope the NFT will benefit country music as a whole. “Our mission at CMA is to grow Country Music globally. By partnering with Solo Music on a CMA Awards NFT, we have the opportunity to reach new audiences, further engage with existing fans, and create a whole new digital community,”

Tim Gerst, Solo Music Co-Founder said, “We’re excited to partner with CMA to bring NFTs to the country music fan and beyond… Together, we will be able to begin to change the way that music fans think about interacting with their favorite artists and brands.”

Most of the time, users have to have cryptocurrency to purchase an NFT. However, Solo Music approaches things differently. They do accept crypto, but they also accept US dollars. So, if you want to get the CMA NFT, you won’t have to jump through too many hoops.

If you want more details about the CMA NFT, just head over to the CMA website. You’ll be able to sign up for notifications and early access and get full details.