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Country Music Star Chase Rice Declares Live ‘Concerts Can Resume’

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Timothy Norris/Getty Images)

Chase Rice is sparking controversy again on Twitter. This time it’s in regards to massive crowd gatherings that have been happening as of late.

The country music star is back on Twitter with this post declaring that concerts should be starting back up.

“Also, glad to see thousands gathering again, cool, glad that’s happening, concerts can resume”, Rice tweets.

This tweet succeeds a series of posts regarding the election. Rice starts out with a message regarding the election decision.

He writes, “Good to see the American flag being flown again instead of being burned. Now, can we please shut up and stop the b–ching, moaning and complaining, and get back to conversation, common sense and the realization that we’re free, and blessed, and a badass country.”

Then just one minute later he sends the tweet about concerts resuming. This could very well be in regards to the crowd that gathered in front of the White House during the last couple of days. In addition, there was a large gathering of people when President-Elect Joe Bidden addressed the nation on winning the 2020 election.

Rice actually held a concert in June of this year amidst the warnings regarding the pandemic. Concert-goers we not social distancing or wearing masks.

This caused a negative response from fellow county music artists and the public.

Twitter Reacts to Chase Rice Comment

Once again, Twitter users are sounding off about Chase Rice’s recent tweet.

This fan says his behavior has to change, “I am a fan of yours but come on Chase you have to be better than this.”

Some fans are saying their pulling the plug on his music.