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Country Music Throwback: Morgan Wallen Shotguns Beer With Super-Fan Soldier Prior to Deployment

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Brett Carlsen/ Getty Images)

Earlier this year, Country artist Morgan Wallen made a superfan’s day prior to his deployment by sharing a shotgun onstage at one of his concerts. The moment was so special, we just have to live it again.

As a soldier in the US Army, Michael Perkins was celebrating his last few months at home prior to his deployment to Iraq. Perkins, an Ohio resident, has an obsession with the country music star, as do most people; however, not quite to this caliber.

Perkins attended four straight Morgan Wallen concerts during his “Whiskey Glasses Roadshow Tour.” After one of the concerts, Perkins had the opportunity to meet his idol with a meet and greet pass. According to Taste of Country, the two men immediately hit it off, which naturally completed Perkins’ life goal.

What did Perkins say to bond with the singer so well? He requested that Wallen shares in a shotgun with him, which was music to both of their country, beer-loving hearts.

Although Wallen couldn’t make the shogun happen at that moment, he didn’t forget the favor.

Two shows later, while at the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, Wallen’s manager located Perkins, who was obviously in the audience. He brought the man backstage to meet the artist once again and complete his dream. Perkins said he was “freaking out” over the moment.

“It was just crazy that this guy that I have followed forever was shotgunning beers with me.”

A Country Fan’s Dream

Wallen brought Perkins onstage during the concert, where fans caught the two’s embrace that tugged at all our heartstrings.

Wallen even shared the shotgun on his Instagram story. The crowd can be heard chanting “USA! USA! USA!” in the background. Wallen sports his iconic flannel button-up with ripped-off sleeves, and Perkin wears a “WALLEN, HARDY ’20” shirt.

“Michael leaves in 12 days to serve our country overseas.”

After an (impressive) under five-second chug, the men throw their empty Bud Light cans in the cheering crowd. Following the show, Perkins said he would never forget that legendary moment.

“It was just so weird that someone this crazy popular was so humble and wanted someone like me to share that stage with him.”

If anyone is deserving of a brewski onstage with their country music idol, it is you, Michael!