2022 CMA Awards: Morgan Wallen’s Son, Indie, Cheers Him on From Home in Adorable Video

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

While Morgan Wallen attended the 2022 CMA Awards on Wednesday (November 9th), the country music hitmaker’s son Indie cheered him on from home in an adorable video.

Country Now reports that in an Instagram Story, Indie’s mother KT Smith shared the video, featuring the toddler in just his diaper watching Morgan Wallen performing on the CMA Awards stage. “Watchin his daddy” appeared in the video. Smith also shared her thoughts about Wallen not winning any of the CMA Awards he was nominated for. This included Entertainer Of The Year and Male Vocalist Of The Year. “CMA do better,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories. “You robbed the one with the most talent tonight. Truly sickening.” 

In a separate Instagram Story, Smith spoke about why she decided to share her thoughts more publicly than usual. “I typically keep my mouth shut, but this time I couldn’t,” Smith wrote. She also said that HARDY and Morgan Wallen should have won most of the CMA awards this year. “Without a shadow of a doubt, everyone knows Mo was the most talented in that room.  But to rob someone of something they so rightly deserve is sickening. I’m glad you got your views this year, CMA awards – but it’s likely that a lot of us won’t be watching again after that.”

Smith went on to praise Morgan Wallen for all the work he has done for his music career. “We all know that the one who sells out all of his shows night after night, spends hours in the studio to make his fans happy, breaks records, and the one that does everything he can do make his son proud – is the one  who should have won tonight.” 

Morgan Wallen Fans React to the Singer’s Lack of CMA Awards 

Along with Smith, Morgan Wallen fans took to social media to speak out about the CMA Awards not awarding Wallen for his hard work. 

“When a guy who’s album has been in the Billboard top 10 for 86 weeks doesn’t win any awards you know you must be watching the CMA’s,” one fan declared on Twitter. “Morgan Wallen was robbed.

Another fan accused the CMA Awards of being rigged. “Shame on you CMA! Morgan Wallen has sold more tickets and out-sold every country singer but you refuse to recognize his success! #rigged.”

A fellow fan went on to point out the number of records that the country artist has sold in the past year. “Morgan Wallen broke every sells record in the history of Country music and every touring record. They’re gonna rob him year in and year out but he’s the definition of Entertainer of the Year.”

Morgan Wallen previously won the CMA Award for New Artist in 2020.