Aaron Lewis Explains the Inspiration Behind His New Album ‘Frayed at Both Ends’

by Taylor Cunningham

Country music crooner Aaron Lewis recently released what he considers “one of the best records” yet. And he credits one shockingly simple thing for inspiring the project.

The album, Frayed at Both Ends, dropped on January 28th and has since celebrated major success. The 14-track release hit no. 5 on the Top Country Billboard chart and 39 on US Billboard 200.

While chatting with Fox News, the 50-year-old shared that he’s proud of the work that he put into the songs and admitted that he was nervous to include one particular political-charged single, Am I The Only One, to the mix. He also added what inspired him to get back into the studio after a three-year hiatus—music.

But Aaron Lewis doesn’t mean any one musician, genre, or song. He means music in general. And interestingly, the possibility to be influenced by a specific person will never happen for him because he refuses to listen to songs outside of his own. He worries that if he does, he’ll be over-inspired and cross creative boundaries.

“It’s a very fine line as an artist that you have to walk,” he said. “I’m inspired by all music. Music is an amazing, amazing gift that has been given to human beings and culture, and so I’m inspired by all music. I really don’t listen to music very much for that same reason where, you know, I’m inspired by all music, but I certainly don’t want that inspiration to be accidentally coming out in something that I’m doing.”

Aaron Lewis Wrote His Most Recent Album During COVID Lockdowns

The second thing that fueled Aaron Lewis’ work, however, has nothing to do with music at all. The singer got to work on the album during the 2020 COVID lockdowns. At the time, he was stuck in his house, and he didn’t agree with the reason. So he used songwriting as a creative outlet for his frustrations.

“It came on the tail end of lockdown, which it never made sense to me. It never seemed like it was the answer to our issues,” he shared. “That was a long period of time that we were alienated from each other, that we didn’t have that very much-needed human bond with other humans. I could see the damage it was doing. I could see the damage that it was doing to my own life. There’s a lot of that in the record.”

Lewis believes that what he ended up with is proof that he’s growing as an artist. Through the years, he’s written songs to tell fans about what he’s dealing with in life or how he feels at the time. And he can see that he’s able to “communicate a lot better in songs than in regular life.”

You can buy Frayed at Both Ends on all major music streaming platforms today.