Aaron Tippin Celebrates Birth of His ‘Beautiful, Precious’ Grandson

by Jonathan Howard

It’s big news for Aaron Tippin and his family. His oldest son, Ted, and his wife Sarah welcomed a new baby into the world this week. One more addition to the country music tree that is the Tippin family. A working-class figure in the country music world for decades now, it’s always good to see things going well for the singer-songwriter.

Aaron and Thea Tippin were very excited about the new grandson. Ted is the oldest son in the family, and he isn’t in the family business. instead, Ted is a pilot and aircraft mechanic. He even owns his own business. He and his wife Sarah had a lot to celebrate this Memorial Day weekend.

Check out the post and see Lucas Wayne for yourself.

“We’re excited to welcome our grandson Lucas Wayne to the world,” Tippin said on Instagram. “Born 05-25-22. 8lbs 6oz. 21.5″ long. Congratulations to Ted and Sarah on this beautiful precious boy.”

Another boy in the family! Aaron and Thea have two boys themselves. There’s Tom and Ted. Ted, is the younger of the two and he has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He sings and has his own career that the 21-year-old is hoping will pan out. While it isn’t the kind of music his dad plays, he can sing well and has clearly tried to find his own style.

You just know that Lucas is going to have a good upbringing. After all, his grandpa has a working man’s Ph.D. and will be eager to teach those lessons to the little one. There will be plenty of tank top undershirts in young Lucas’ life. He’ll know that he’s got to stand for something, and that’s all you can ask…

32 Years of Aaron Tippin

There are a lot of underrated artists in country music. However, for his generation, Tippin might be one of the most underrated. 11 studio albums, 38 singles, 3 of which went to No. 1 on the charts. He’s got a solid catalog, vocals all his own that are easily recognizable, and a look all his own too.

While we’re talking about how underrated Tippin is, let’s talk about how underrated that stache is. It clearly competes with some of the best of the 1990s and early 2000s. While he isn’t as big as he used to be, he’s still going out on tour, singing songs, and entertaining fans all over the country.

He’s going to be hitting the fair circuit this year as well as other great summer venues and festivals. So, check out his tour schedule and see if he has any shows near you. I noticed that he’s coming to Kentucky this Fourth of July, so I’m sure many in the Bluegrass will be excited to catch the Working Man himself live.