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First Look at Shania Twain and Cast of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Revealed

by Suzanne Halliburton
Catherine Powell/FilmMagic

ABC revealed a first-look cast photo, which includes country legend Shania Twain, for the network’s live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast.

The two-hour special, which also includes animation, will air on ABC Dec. 15, then stream on Disney+ the next day. The show honors the 30th anniversary of the Disney animated classic, which received an Academy Award nomination for best picture in 1992. There will be the familiar songs. Plus, ABC said Monday there will be new numbers added to the special, which is timed for the holiday season.

So how does Shania Twain fit in? She’ll play Mrs. Potts. Here’s the photo featuring Twain and the rest of the all-star cast.

Check out Shania Twain and the rest of the cast of Beauty and the Beast. ABC.

Check Out Who Else Is Joining Shania Twain for Special

Here’s who else is with Shania Twain. H.E.R. who has Grammys and an Academy Award on the trophy shelf, stars as Belle. Josh Groban is the Beast. Joshua Henry portrays Gaston, while legendary actress Rita Moreno is the special’s narrator. Martin Short will be Lumière, while David Alan Grier plays Cogsworth. Rizwan Manji is LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick. Jon Briones is Maurice, Belle’s dad.

Shania Twain and Leo Abelo Perry will portray the mother-son characters Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Host of Classic TV Stars Were in Original

The original Beauty and the Beast featured a ton of familiar names telling a beloved fairy tale. A sorceress cast a spell on an arrogant prince to open the tale. He becomes a Beast and his servants are turned into household items. The prince can reverse the spell only if he learns to love another person “before the last petal falls,” with that love being returned. Enter Belle.

Some big names from classic TV were among the supporting cast in the original. Angela Lansbury, the star of Murder, She Wrote, was Mrs. Potts, Belle’s surrogate mother. Jerry Orbach, aka Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order, portrayed Lumiere. Most people now know Orbach from his role as a weary, wise-cracking detective or as Baby’s father in Dirty Dancing. But he also was a fantastic performer on Broadway. Plus, David Ogden Spiers played Cogsworth. You might remember him as the snooty Charles Winchester from M*A*S*H.

The special is one of several acting roles for Shania Twain this year. She also portrayed herself in an episode of Monarch.

And, it’s not the only time in December that fans can see Shania Twain on television. The People’s Choice show is awarding Twain with its Icon honor. The awards show is Dec. 6 on NBC. The awards committee said that Twain, the long-time country diva, was perfect for the honor because she bridged two musical genres. Pop and country fans love her music. And, the award selection noted that Twain has an “everlasting impact on the music industry and pop culture.”