Alabama’s Statement on Jeff Cook’s Passing Leaves Fans in Tears

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Lester Cohen/ Getty Images)

Days after Jeff Cook passed away at the age of 73 due to complications of Parkinson’s disease, Alabama released a tear-jerking statement about the late guitarist. In the statement, Alabama bandmates Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry mounted the passing of their friend, cousin, and fellow bandmate for more than 50 years, Jeff Cook. 

“He lived to play our music we created together,” Randy Owen stated about Jeff Cook. He also said that the Alabama bandmate could play any instrument he chose. “But his harmonies I’ll miss the most. I’m thankful we got to create music together for over 50 years! Wish we could play My Home’s in Alabama one more time.”

Owen also stated that he is hurt in a way that he can’t describe due to the loss of Alabama’s Jeff Cook. “To Lisa, thanks for loving him and being there for him to the end. Play on Jeff. Love you!”

Meanwhile, Teddy Gentry described his relationship with Jeff Cook as being closer than brothers. “We lived together more than with our immediate families,” the Alabama bandmate shared. “Don’t think I’ve known anyone who loved playing more. Jeff, along with me and Randy, experienced the highs of undreamed success, as well as some very tough early years.” 

Gentry stated that while the members of Alabama were not perfect, together they had something special. “No other guitar player I’ve known had the range of styles Jeff had. No one can take your place. Ever. Rest in peace till we get to jam again.”

As previously reported, Jeff Cook, who was a founding member of Alabama, died on Monday (November 7th), at his home in Destin, Florida. He had battled Parkinson’s disease for 10 years. 

Alabama Bandmates Say Jeff Cook ‘Enjoyed’ One of the Most Successful Careers in Country Music History 

Also in the statement, Gentry and Owen shared that Alabama founding member Jeff Cook enjoyed one fo the most successful careers in country music history.

The trio started out after leaving Fort Payne to play music in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s The Bowery bar. “It took Cook, Gentry, and Owen six long years of tip jars and word-of-mouth to earn the major label deal they’d been dreaming of,” the statement reads.

The Alabama bandmates then stated that in no time at all everything changed. The band went on to see 80 million albums and charted 43 No. 1 hits. It became the biggest group in the history of the country music genre. 

Fans shared their reaction to the Alabama band members’ tribute to Jeff Cook. “Jeff Cook’s passing reminds me of this quote…Robert Schumann: ‘To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist,’” one fan shared

Another fan went on to add, “I am so sad that Jeff  Cook of Alabama has passed away. All of us fans of Alabama will truely will miss him. Heaven has another  Country Angel. RIP Jeff. We will miss u so much. We love u.” 

Jeff Cook is survived by his wife of 27 years, Lisa Cook, as well as his puppies Blazer and Blakely, his mother Betty Cook, his brother David Cook, Crystal Cook, his father-in-law Jerrial Williams, his brother-in-law Randy Williams and many nieces, and nephews.