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Alan Jackson Fans Celebrate His 43rd Wedding Anniversary With Wife Denise

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

Country music legend Alan Jackson is celebrating 43 years of holy matrimony with his wife, Denise. And fans are happy crying over their long-lasting love.

On December 15, Jackson’s team posted a photo of the couple on Twister and asked everyone to join in and “wish Alan and Denise a Happy Anniversary.” And fans were happy to oblige.

“Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple,” one person wrote. “You made it through the young years now you are cherishing every moment together.”

“Happy anniversary to both!!!” another added. “You’ve made it through [thick] and thin and them some more. And you have three gorgeous daughters!!!”

The Jacksons are what Hallmark movies are made of. They were high school sweethearts, and they said “I do” when Alan was just 21 years old. To make the story even more adorable, Denise didn’t even have to consider changing her name. Her maiden name is also Jackson.

From the start, Denise was just as committed to making Alan a star as he was. In fact, she supported him while she worked as a flight attendant until he finally made it big. And she was the reason he got his start in Music City.

While she was on duty one day, she spotted Rhinestone Cowboy singer Glen Campbell at the airport. She introduced herself and explained that her very talented husband was a future country star, but he needed a record deal. So Campbell gave her his business card for his publishing company. That company ended up giving Alan Jackson his big break.

Alan and Denise Jackson Separated in the 1990s

But, like all marriages, staying together wasn’t always easy. And that’s why fans are so enamored with the Jacksons’ love story. It’s relatable.

When Alan’s career exploded, the chaotic schedules and fame took a toll on his relationship. In 1997, the two even separated. But they were committed to making it work, so they went to marriage counseling and ultimately reconciled.

His hit song Remember When was actually inspired by their struggles and reunion. So, if you thought the single was romantic before, now you can truly appreciate its emotional lyrics.

Denise later revealed that Alan Jackson had been unfaithful before the separation. While talking to PEOPLE, she admitted that learning her husband had strayed was “shattering,” but the situation ended up pushing them towards a healthier, more loving marriage.

“The greatest blessings in my life have come out of my worst shattering,” she said. “His betrayal and our separation were what led to this new, passionate love relationship with God and also led to us being able to have the kind of marriage that we both always wanted but just didn’t know how to have.”

The couple has been solid ever since, and their challenges ended up creating a bond that helped them get through Denise’s battle with cancer in 2010.

“It’s just little things I think that have helped us more than anything,” Denise said. “If you can last until you’re 40 years old, hopefully, you’ll be mature enough to figure out the rest of the years.”