Alan Jackson’s Nashville Bar Will Honor Late Superfan From Maine

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)

Before passing away last year, an Alan Jackson superfan shared that her final wish was to be cremated and have her ashes spread over the singer’s Nashville ranch. But Jackson did her one better.

Mary Anne “Marie” Gallant made a stir in Music City when her daughter, Sue Castle, interviewed with The Sun Journal and explained the unique request.

Marie had been one of the singer’s biggest fans in her living years. She plastered his posters on her walls, kept an Alan Jackson vanity plate on her car, and went to dozens of his shows.

Later in her life, she even went as far as having Jackson’s face tattooed on her back. And when she bought tickets to a Bangor, Maine, concert in 2015, the ink got her noticed by the country music star. Upon seeing it, he invited her to watch the performance from the stage. And when it came time to sing his romantic hit Remember When, he shared a dance with Marie.

The experience went down as one of Marie’s favorite memories. She quickly called her daughter, squealing with excitement, and shared that when she died, Sue needed to take her ashes and sprinkle them over Jacksons’ property from a helicopter.

The superfan passed from cancer in 2021. During her final days, she carried a cardboard cutout of Jackson with her to her hospital rooms. And she continued to ask that his farm be her final resting place.

A Shrine to The Superfan is Now on Display at Alan Jackson’s Bar

Sue Castle flew to Music City earlier this month with the intention of asking Alan Jackson to allow her to carry through with the request. And thanks to her story, Jackson and his manager at AJ’s Good Time Bar on Honky Tonk already knew that she was on the way.

Before landing, Castle decided not to ask Jackson about the ashes. She realized that he moved too often, so leaving her mother at his current home would be a waste. So he hatched a new plan. Castle created a display that showcased Marie in a 1965 Mustang, which was her favorite car. Behind the wheel sits a figure in Marie’s likeness. And she’s surrounded by pictures of Jackson.

When Castle walked into the bar and mentioned Marie, the employees jumped with excitement.

“Oh, my God, are you the one?” her server gushed.

For the remainder of the day, she was handed free drinks and meals. And the manager said that she will always eat on the house when she visits. The manager also shared that Jackson remembered dancing with Marie the megastar shared that she was “a sweet lady.”

When Castle asked if she could add her display to the bar’s memorabilia collection, the bar happily obliged. And today, Marie’s figure sits in a case on the second floor. But as soon as the staff rearranges some things, she’ll move to her own shelf.

“It was amazing,” Castle added. “We had a really good time.”