Alan Jackson Postpones Remaining 2022 Concerts Due to Health Issues

by Blake Ells
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

News broke on Wednesday that Alan Jackson was postponing his date in Atlantic City due to health concerns. On Thursday, he and his team decided to postpone all remaining dates on the tour. The Atlantic City show was set for Friday, and the additional date now postponed is Pittsburgh on Saturday. Those dates were set to be the final dates on his “Last Call” tour.

He plans to make them up in 2023. So maybe the “Last Call” isn’t the final tour after all. Alan Jackson never formally called the “Last Call” his final tour, but there were plenty of hints. With two dates to make up in 2023, an outside possibility certainly exists that he’ll add more to the run.

But there have also been signs on this run that an end of his touring career was near. He performed in Dallas a few weeks ago, and shared a very emotional moment with the audience. In the review from the Dallas Observer, a journalist noted that his voice was not at 100%, but that Alan Jackson vowed to “give you all I got.” But the reviewer said that nothing seemed “off” about the 90-minute performance and that fans cried during several emotional moments, like “Remember When” and “Drive (For Daddy Gene).”

Alan Jackson’s family is growing. He’s about to be a grandfather again, and one of his daughter’s is getting married again. Mattie Jackson Selecman is Alan Jackson’s oldest daughter, and she lost her first husband in a tragic accident in West Palm Beach, Fla. in 2018. He was trying to help a woman onto a boat and he fell. He later died from head injuries that he sustained in the fall.

Alan Jackson Battles Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease

Alan Jackson’s health issues stem from his diagnosis of Chacot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. The disease affects his ability to stand. It’s not something that will kill him, but it’s a neurological disorder that affects things like balance. And it will get progressively worse. He inherited the disease from his father.

The worst case scenario for CMT is a partial paralysis and loss of sensation in limbs. In addition to affecting balance, CMT can cause foot deformities like hammertoe or high arches. It can also lead to the loss of muscle mass in the lower leg.

There is no cure for CMT. There are ways to treat the disease. Those include orthopedic aids. Orthopedic surgery is also an option. But one of the best options if occupational and physical therapy. It’s a condition that Alan Jackson will have to battle for the rest of his life. And these tour dates may never be made up. Here’s hoping that he is feeling better in the new year and adds a few more stops to complement the make-up dates.