Amazing Rock ‘n Roll Cover of Travis Tritt Classic Blows Away ‘The Voice’ Judges

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The 22nd season of The Voice is off to a running start. They’ve already showcased some truly talented acts in the opening weeks. The coaches are already building promising teams. Last night, Blake Shelton landed a strong performer in Nashville’s Tyler Fussell. His cover of Travis Tritt’s “Anymore” had Shelton hooked immediately.

Tanner Fussell is a 28-year-old singer from Nashville. He works in landscaping during the day and chases his country music dream by night. In a pre-recorded video, Fussell told The Voice viewers that he has been chasing that dream for years. At one point he started a band with his brother Will. Unfortunately, Will lost his life in a tragic car accident not long after they started the band.

Now, Tanner Fussell is turning that tragedy into the fuel that he hopes will take him to the top. “Will is in my heart every time I sing,” he said. “Knowing that he is there is part of what gives me a little bit of that soul. I have to bring 110 percent – to take everything I am and leave it all out there on that stage.”

Tanner Fussell Crushes “Anymore” on The Voice

Tanner Fussell isn’t a flashy guy. He stepped on the stage wearing jeans, a simple button-down shirt, and a ball cap. When you have a voice like this guy does, you don’t need to be flashy. When he sings, you can hear a combination of 90s country and grunge from the same era. That “soul” Fussell talked about in his introductory tape is immediately evident with the first notes of the song and shines when he goes into the chorus.  

Blake Shelton was the only coach to turn his chair around for Tanner Fussell. However, it was obvious that everyone enjoyed the performance.

“First of all, Travis Tritt is one of my influences and one of my heroes,” Shelton said. “When you were finally able to get to a part in the song when you could soar and sing a little bit, I was like ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to turn around for this guy.’”

“Drinkin’ for Fun”

Commenting on Tanner Fussell’s voice, Blake said, “You’ve got a little bit of Travis. You also have like a rock edge to your voice, too. Like Pearl Jam. There was no way I was gonna let you get out of here without getting a button pushed.”

Gwen Stefani agreed, “I super-like you,” she told Fussell. “You got the best coach you could ever wish for, for country music. So, congratulations.”

If you want to hear more of Tanner Fussell’s impressive pipes, you can check out his YouTube channel or check out the video below.