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Amy Grant Makes First Red Carpet Appearance Since Bike Accident

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Amy Grant is feeling well after her serious bike crash this past summer. And over the weekend, she made her first red-carpet appearance since her months-long recuperation.

The Christian pop artist was recognized at the 45th Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday, Dec. 4, for her work as a singer-songwriter, and ET’s Deidre Behar was able to get a health update as Grant posed for flashing cameras.

“I feel fantastic,” Grant shared. “It’s been the quietest season of my life… and to get back up to speed and, within one week, ease into this experience here, it’s been incredible.”

In July, Amy Grant and a friend were riding bikes in Nashville, TN, when she hit a pothole and crashed to the ground. Her body was badly bruised and cut, and while she was wearing a helmet, she also suffered a serious concussion. The 62-year-old was admitted to the hospital for several days, and she wasn’t able to get back to work until last month.

As she told Behar, suffering the traumatic injury caused a whirlwind of emotions. And though she’s recovered, she’s still dealing with those feelings. However, she found a positive side to all of it.

“What I’ve experienced, I think any time you have a head injury there’s an extravagance of emotion,” the singer continued. “So, anytime I start to get emotional, I just start wiggling my toes because I don’t want the dam to break, or it’ll just be a big ugly cry. But the beautiful side of that is you feel sensitized to everyone and everything, and I hope I don’t lose that.”

Amy Grant Honored by the Kennedy Center

Amy Grant is also feeling blessed to walk back into her career with an award from the Kennedy Center. Throughout her time in the industry, she’s enjoyed many successes. But Sunday’s feat may top them all.

“It’s in a class all of its own,” she said of the center. “…This honor feels like it’s not a music honor as much as it is a cultural [honor], and it’s just mind-blowing.”

“I’m on cloud nine,” she continued. “And the weekend keeps getting more beautiful.”

Grant’s husband, country music superstar Vince Gill, was by celebrating by her side. And he admitted that watching Grant take the stage was a “spectacular” experience.

“It’s unbelievable,” he said. “To get to honor my bride tonight, to be a part of just watching that—is spectacular.”

The ceremony was even more meaningful and emotional than usual after Gill watched his wife struggle through months of recovery. But he admitted that he always knew she was going to pull through.

“I knew she was OK, right off that bat. I know her well enough,” he continued.

“She’s having a little memory issue, here and there,” he joked. “I have her convinced that I produced The Beatles and won gold medals.”