Amy Grant’s Speech to Husband Vince Gill at ‘CMT Giants’ Will Have You Tearing Up

by Clayton Edwards

On September 12, several of the biggest names in country music came together for CMT Giants: Vince Gill. The 90-minute special saw artists like Maren Morris, Chris Stapleton, Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, and more paying tribute to Gill. Throughout the evening, the laundry list of artists took the stage to play Vince’s songs and to share a little about what he meant to them. However, the most emotional moments of the night came when his family spoke. His daughter Jenny Gill and his wife Amy Grant both left the audience in tears.

Unfortunately, Amy Grant couldn’t be at the taping of CMT Giants: Vince Gill. Doctors still want Grant to rest after sustaining a concussion earlier this year. However, she was still able to be part of the festivities with a touching pre-recorded video.

Amy Grant’s Touching Speech for Vince Gill

The artists who took the stage all know Vince Gill professionally and gained inspiration from his music. Some of them even call Gill a friend. However, none of them get to see the side of Vince that Amy Grant gets to see on a daily basis. This was the focus of her speech, according to Taste of Country.

“Hello my love,” Amy Grant began. “I’m so glad I get to add a couple words to this night full of voices of people celebrating you and celebrating so much good talent in this town.”

Then, Amy Grant began to talk about the man Vince Gill is behind the scenes. “You know you’re not just a great songwriter, or a killer guitarist, an amazing singer – all those things are true,” she said. “But Vince, what I love the most about you that I see at close range every day is you make music the same way you live life. You’re intentional and understated and you’re kind and true and funny,” Grant explained.

Grant continued, saying, “You’re so easy to celebrate. So, have fun tonight. I love you so much and I’m so proud of you.”

Gill and Grant Share a Sweet Love Story

Amy Grant and Vince Gill met in 1993. At that time, they were both married, but couldn’t deny the chemistry they had. However, they didn’t step out on their respective spouses. Instead, they went about their lives as usual. In 1997, Vince Gill and his wife divorced and Grant separated from her husband a year later. The pair didn’t tie the knot until 2000.

If you listen to Vince Gill’s 1994 single “Whenever You Come Around” you’ll see how he felt about Amy Grant after they met. Gill says he wrote the song after meeting Grant for the first time. “She smiled at me and I have not been the same since.”