Ashley McBryde Acts as Replacement Backup Singer for Eric Church During NYC Concert

by Jonathan Howard

It helps to know people. Ashley McBryde came in clutch for Eric Church as his backup singer fell ill while in NYC. McBryde and Church have performed together plenty of times. However, this one was different. It was last second, and no one really saw it coming. But what a country music duo.

Usually, Joanna Cotton is the backup for Church on stage. New York City was where the Gather Again Tour culminated with a finale that fans will be talking about for a long time. Especially if they were there. When you get that call from Chief, you make it out to the show.

Check out the post below and see some pictures from the Madison Square Garden show.

It was a big enough deal for Eric Church that he released a statement thanking Ashley McBryde for her help.

“When Joanna had to sit this one out, we immediately knew who to ask. Ashley is meant for arena stages, and she’ll be headlining her own show at MSG soon,” Church said in the statement. “As when Heart & Soul was born, it was moments like last night that we always envisioned: seeing people together again, arms around one another, living and loving life for those three hours. Standing on stage again looking out at that view is a feeling we’ll never take for granted.”

The two performers have been close over the years and it’s no surprise that they took the chance to team up once again in New York City. There were almost 18,000 people packed into the venue and it was a big party. Three entire hours of it.

Ashley McBryde Details Filling in For Eric Church in NYC

So, at this point, does Eric Church owe Ashley McBryde a favor? It might seem that way. However, friends do friends solids from time to time and I’m sure the country music singer doesn’t mind filling in. She was happy to do it and talked about what ti was like leading up to the moment.

“When Eric asked, ‘Hey, can you come fill in?’ I said yes without even knowing I’d get there. Talk about respect… any time Eric’s asked me to do something it has caused me to level up. I got to take a master class in entertaining while on stage,” the One Night Standards singer said.

“STepping into Joanna Cotten’s boots… I don’t take it lightly,” McBryde went on. “I have so much respect for that woman and that voice.”

When you have an artist that is ready to learn, perform, and live up to a set of standards, then a great show is inevitable. THat’s what the fans in New York City got this past weekend.