Ashley McBryde Opens Up About Near-Fatal Horse-Riding Accident

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Last September, Ashley McBryde sustained a head injury after falling off a horse. The injury forced her to miss a handful of shows. At the time, she didn’t let on how serious the accident was. McBryde said that she couldn’t walk without assistance. But, as soon as she could, she would be back on stage. About a week later, the Arkansas native made good on that promise and resumed her tour.

Earlier today, Ashley McBryde appeared on CBS Mornings to talk about her new album Lindeville. Additionally, she got the shock of a lifetime when Garth Brooks invited her to join the Grand Ole Opry. McBryde also revealed that her horseback-riding accident almost killed her.

Ashley McBryde on the Fall that Almost Killer Her

Last year, Ashley McBryde said that something spooked the mare she was riding. That wouldn’t have been a big deal, but her foot slipped out of the stirrup at the same time. As a result, she fell hard from the horse. Initially, she thought that she had hit her shoulder. Unfortunately, she quickly discovered that she had sustained a head injury. At the time, she didn’t want her fans to know it was that big of a deal. Today, she was a little more open about it.

“It was pretty bad,” Ashley McBryde said. “But, we didn’t even know the extent of my injuries until all the imaging came back a little while later. Life-saving measures were taken.”

One of the CBS Mornings hosts asked if McBryde had gotten back on the horse. “That’s a great figure of speech,” she said with a smile. Then, she revealed that she didn’t get back in the saddle. She did, however, go back to the ranch in Missoula, Montana where the accident took place. “The horse’s name is Jenny and I got to go visit her this last week. I thought it was to tell her that I was okay. She doesn’t care if I’m okay, but it was to make sure that I knew I was okay.”

McBryde Gives Thanks

However, there was a more important reason she wanted to go back to that ranch. She said she wanted “to look at Bart and Wendy and Caroline – the people who were there and helped save my life. To look at them and just really know that they put breath in my lungs for me so that I would live.” Most of all, she wanted to thank them for saving her life. Then she invited them all out to the show that night. It was important to McBryde for them to be at the show. She wanted to be able to tell at least one crowd that she is still alive because of the measures they took to save her.

Ashley McBryde added that she probably should have taken more time off. “I feel like six days after something that catastrophic is a little soon,” she said with a laugh. She then revealed that her doctor wanted her to take a month off, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.