Ashley McBryde Puts Pawn Shop on Blast After Thinking She Saw Her Stolen Item in Window

by Clayton Edwards

When country music star Ashley McBryde was just 14 years old, her uncle handed her a ratty old denim jacket. She could tell by looking at it that it had seen plenty of life. As a result, she took it and started wearing it. The old jacket became one of her most prized possessions. It even inspired the song “The Jacket” from her debut album Girl Going Nowhere. Then, in 2017, someone stole the jacket and she’s been looking for it since.

In a recent Instagram post, Ashley McBryde said that she thought she saw her jacket in a pawn shop window. Apparently, she contacted Ronnie’s Pawn Shop but the owner was no help. In the photo, we see some reviews of the shop. Most of them are negative and point to the shop’s owner being more than a little crooked. Check out the post below to see the reviews.

In the caption, Ashley McBryde said, “Y’all… I called this pawn shop because I thought I saw my stolen denim jacket in the window. This guy seems legit.”

Ashley McBryde’s Marketing is Top-Notch

Ashley McBryde finding her stolen jacket at a shady pawn shop would be a poetic end to the years-long story. However, that isn’t the case. Instead, McBryde may be hinting at the first single from her upcoming album Lindeville.

If you look a little closer at the screenshot that McBryde posted, it starts to become clear. The URL for the pawn shop’s website is There, you won’t find pawn shop information. You’ll find a little info on Ashley McBryde’s upcoming album. Additionally, there’s a link to pre-order the record. There, you’ll find the tracklist which contains a song called “Ronnie’s Pawn Shop.”

Maybe we’ll get lucky and McBryde will release the song tomorrow so we can get a glimpse of what the new album holds.

The Story of the Jacket

About the jacket, Ashley McBryde told Taste of Country, “I was 14 when my uncle handed it to me and I really did think he handed it to me to throw away. This nasty, thin piece of material.” However, she couldn’t do it. “I mean it was old. Kind of yellow-y, not even denim anymore. It was better than a scrapbook, looking at it.”

Ashley McBryde wore the old jacket everywhere. It has even been on stage with the likes of Chris Stapleton and Willie Nelson. Then, someone stole it.

In 2018, McBryde told ABC News Radio, “The jacket was in my truck in East Nashville and we were in Charlotte. We were only gone for 24 hours. I parked right in front of a camera, in a secured parking lot. Somebody busted out the window of my truck and took the jacket.”

Check out the song that the jacket inspired below.