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Bailey Zimmerman and Maddie & Tae To Perform at ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by David Wood/Getty Images)

New Year’s Eve is always a good excuse to celebrate into the night with some good friends and some tasty libations. If you need any suggestions on tequila or whiskey, then Outsider has you covered. Maybe you’re more of a cold beer enthusiast? Well then we obviously recommend a Gratis.

If you’re looking for some entertainment on News Year’s Eve though, we recommend tuning in to Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. This upcoming rendition of the event will feature performances from a full lineup of talented musicians, but none more entertaining than Bailey Zimmerman and Maddie & Tae.

The made-for-television event will feature almost 6 hours of live performances and showcase New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world. With the stage set, the countdown is now on. 2023 will be here in just 25 days.

Bailey Zimmerman’s Big Year

Bailey Zimmerman’s quick climb to the top of the country music charts has been remarkable. At just 22 years old he just notched his first #1 song prior to even releasing a full-length album. Zimmerman’s song “Fall in Love” is currently perched atop the charts. It’s the fastest-rising debut single for a country artist since 2015. The song was a part of a 9-track EP he released earlier this year titled “Leave the Light On.”

His success has drawn praise from his peers in the country music industry. Morgan Wallen recently gave Zimmerman a shoutout and offered to help him navigate his newfound fame.

“This is a kid. I think that, just with the way he’s rising and the way he’s blowing up that he’s someone who will probably need that,” said Wallen. “I told him that I’d be that for him if he wants it. It’s cool just to see a little small-town kid, you know, kind of, like myself, come and start making some noise in the town and all around the country. I’m proud of him and looking forward to seeing what he does.”

Zimmerman is also set to join Wallen on the road for the 2023 One Night at a Time Tour.

Maddie & Tae Have a New #1 Fan

Taylor Kerr, the “Tae” behind the musical duo’s stage name, recently gushed about her 11-month-old daughter. “I mean, just the joy and the love that I have for her it’s like incomprehensible until you experience it,” she said. “And I can’t explain it. I wish there were words in the dictionary that could. That’s probably the thing I’m most shocked by is like, how much I love her.”

Her bandmate Maddie Font echoed those sentiments. “It’s like I love her as if she’s my own,” said Font. “She has my heart. I’m just wrapped around her little finger, but I just love that little girl. She’s so sweet and she’s just the snuggliest, most magical little pumpkin. She had like a crazy entrance into the world and she’s just the toughest little cookie. I’m just so blown away by her all the time.”