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Billy Ray Cyrus Starring in Christmas Movie, His New Look Has Fans Asking Questions

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

People who love country music probably also have an affinity for Billy Ray Cyrus, but have you seen his new look lately? It’s making some of his fans ask questions. Whether it’s about his new look or why he did it, those questions are about to be answered. Kind of. Well, his new look has Billy Ray all tied up in pigtails. What? Do you mean his long-haired look is no more? Not necessarily. After all, he’s put his hair up in pigtails for a very good reason.

He’s starring in a movie! That’s right, Billy Ray lovers. He’s actually playing a country music star (go figure) in Christmas in Paradise. This is a new comedy set to premiere on November 11 in theaters, and November 15 on digital platforms and DVD/Blu-Ray. For this movie, Cyrus plays Jimmy Love. He’s a mellow fellow who has a little hippie flair in the air. And yes, he gets a chance to sing his big high Achy Breaky Heart.

Billy Ray Cyrus Just Loves Being Jimmy Love In New Movie

“I knew when I put my hands on this script that it was written with love,” Cyrus said. He adds that, “When I started reading it, I said, ‘My God, I am Jimmy Love!'” And no, there is no relation to Buddy Love, the famed Jerry Lewis character from The Nutty Professor. This flick happens to be a follow-up to a 2021 comedy Father Christmas is Back. Kelsey Grammer will return to play James Christmas, who is a freewheeling rolling stone who seldom, if ever, feels bound by family ties, Cowboys & Indians reports.

So, in this sequel, it happens to be a few days before Christmas in London. This is when James’ three daughters — Joanna, played by Elizabeth Hurley, Caroline, played by Nathalie Cox, and Paulina, played by Naomi Frederick —  discover their father has broken up with his fiancée. He’s now, as the credit card bill states, gone to the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Director Wanted Someone Like Cyrus On Board

All three of them are in a tizzy about dear old Dad. They head out to Neris with the great plan to “save” their father and bring him home for Christmas. Well, when they get there, James is quite happy about his life.

Philippe Martinez, who is the director and co-scriptwriter, said that he wanted Christmas in Paradise to have an Ameircan feel to it. Why? Because Father Christmas Is Back has a British sensibility to it. Now, go set a movie in the Caribbean and get Billy Ray Cyrus involved. It’ll change that sensibility right up. Martinez also wanted more music, dancing, and laughter in the flick.