Blake Shelton Accused of ‘Sabotage’ by Fellow Coaches on ‘The Voice’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC via Getty Images)

As competition on Season 22 of The Voice continues to heat up, Blake Shelton is now being accused of sabotage by fellow coaches. 

During the latest episode, The Voice coach John Legend accused Blake Shelton of trying to “sabotage” fellow coach Camila Cabello during the Battle Rounds. The night’s Battle Rounds featured Kique and Tanner Howe going head-to-head with Simple Minds’ Don’t You (Forget About Me). Following Gwen Stefani’s decision to send Kique on to the Knockouts Round, the coaches went backstage to talk about the Saves or Steals. 

Cabello shared that she didn’t have either power left. Stefani and Legend both had their Steals left. Meanwhile, Blake Shelton had his Save. “There’s someone on your team that I really want,” Stefani told Legend. That was when Cabello slipped and fell. After confirming Cabello was ok, the coaches laughed it off. Shelton sang in the tune of Cabello’s Havana, “She fell on the floor but she got back up.” 

Cabello went on to joke, “I’m still here guys, you’re not getting rid of me yet. I know you put some grease on my shoe to make that happen, Blake.” Legend then declared, “Sabotage.” 

Cabello previously discussed her friendship with Blake Shelton while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She stated that the country music star should pursue stand-up comedy. “Blake is so funny,” Cabello stated. “He’s so funny, he’s so fast, I’m like, ‘You should try out a stand-up comedy set.’ He is so funny.” 

She then spoke about Blake Shelton’s The Voice departure news. “If there’s ever a time to do something… I mean, he’s been on it for a long time. He didn’t hint [about leaving the show at all]. ‘Cause he’s always like, you know, ‘I’ve won the show how many times, and you’ve won it no times.’” 

Blake Shelton Jokingly Says New ‘The Voice’ Coach Camila Cabello Talks As Much as Kelly Clarkson 

Last month, Blake Shelton made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show to share his thoughts about The Voice newcomer, Camila Cabello. 

As Clarkson teased him about missing her on The Voice, Blake Shelton declared, “Oh, my god. So bad. Camila has done a good job – nobody’s you, okay? Let’s just say there’s only one Kelly Clarkson. There is one person we’ve found who can talk as much as you, and that’s Camila.”

Blake Shelton then joked that, unlike Clarkson, Cabello makes sense when she talks. “When you do your spiel, by the time you end your paragraph, you don’t even know what you started out saying.” 

Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson went on to friendly bicker about Shelton’s comments. She also denied not knowing what she starts out saying when she talks.