Blake Shelton Explains Why He Feels ‘Pressure’ To Win ‘The Voice’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

Blake Shelton has been a coach on The Voice for more than a decade. He started his tenure during the show’s first season in 2011. The series has been a big part of Shelton’s life over the past 11 years. He even met his wife, Gwen Stefani on the show. Earlier this year, however, Blake announced that he would be walking away from the show after season 23. As a result, he says he’s feeling some pressure to win his final two seasons as a coach.

Recently, Blake Shelton and his fellow coaches from The Voice sat down with People to discuss the show. During the interview, Shelton opened up about his the pressure he’s feeling to win in the 22nd and 23rd seasons.

Blake Shelton Is Feeling the Pressure

“I feel a little pressure [to win],” Shelton revealed. “Nobody wants to finish with eight wins. 10 sounds a lot better. Double digits.” So, it seems that all of the pressure he’s feeling is coming from within.

“It works out really good for me if you win as well,” Gwen Stefani told Blake Shelton. “Then, I get to be married to the guy that won 10 times.”

As Blake Shelton mentioned, he already has 8 wins under his belt. Shelton’s first win came in 2012 when Jermaine Paul took home the season 2 win. Most recently, season 20 champ Cam Anthony brought Shelton his 8th victory as a coach. He’s hoping that one of the extraordinary young talents on his team this year will give him another.

Many country fans would lay their money on 22-year-old Georgia native Bryce Leatherwood. However, Shelton’s fellow coaches are watching another member of Team Blake.

Stefani believes that 16-year-old Brayden Lape is a frontrunner this season. “Brayden, who I have loved since the moment he walked on stage… The way he performs is very rare for someone so young. He’s so relaxed it’s very natural. I think he’s a threat in a way that we don’t even understand yet, but America’s starting to get it.”

John Legend agreed. “How is it that he’s this tall, this handsome, can play all the sports, and can sing? It’s not fair,” Legend quipped.

Team Blake Weighs In

Currently, Lape and his teammates Bryce Leatherwood, Rowan Grace, and Bodie all want to bring Blake Shelton another win. “Making Blake proud and trying to fight our way to the finale is, I think, each one of our goals,” Bryce Leatherwood told People.

“He’s a big piece of the history of the show, so it’s kind of cool to be with him on his way out and win it for him,” added Bodie.

Watch The Voice on NBC every Monday and Tuesday to see if Blake Shelton can end his time on the show with 10 wins.