Blake Shelton Felt ‘Completely Natural’ Wearing a Mullet for the ‘No Body’ Music Video

by Blake Ells

Blake Shelton is throwing it back for his latest single “No Body.” The track has a 90s country vibe, so Blake brought back his legendary mullet. Check out the video below, complete with honky tonk neon lights and line dancing.

Blake Shelton began his career looking a whole lot like he does in the music video. It wasn’t until about 2007 that he cut the mullet.

The track was written by Chris Tompkins, Josh Kear and Rodney Clawson. When Shelton discovered it and took it to producer Scott Hendricks, he knew it had a certain vibe.

“I remember saying to Scott Hendricks, ‘Wow, man this would’ve had a line dance to it if it had come out in the 90s,’ he told People. “That was the last time we ever looked back.”

Not only did Blake Shelton bring back the mullet, he brought back his cowboy hat.

“Wearing the mullet felt completely natural to me,” he said. “Especially making the video in this particular bar. The air conditioning wasn’t on. It was hot in there. Hair was sticking to my neck and the side of my face. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh yeah. This is why I ended up cutting my mullet off. Not because it wasn’t cool anymore or trendy, just because it was physically irritating.”

Morgan Wallen may be at the forefront of the return of the mullet. But despite the cut being trendy again, don’t expect Blake Shelton to actually bring his back anytime soon.

“I guess I don’t care about trends, because when I had the mullet it wasn’t cool,” he said. “And now that mullets are cool, I don’t have one. So I guess I don’t follow. I should. I’m not against them. I’m just always a little bit late.”

Blake Shelton Breaks Out the Mullet for “No Body”

Country music in the 90s had a way with puns. George Strait is the King, and he is likely the king of the art form. “No Body” is a track that follows that old model, and the line in the hook is, “No body but yours.” But when Gwen Stefani heard it, she heard it as “Nobody but yours.” That’s what hooked Shelton on the track.

“Everybody would say, ‘I don’t really understand what that means. Nobody but yours. Why are you saying that?'” he explained. “Well, that’s the trick of it. It’s no body. No body, like the shape of your body. No body, but yours. And I love that it throws people off a little bit. In my mind, that means people are going to listen to it multiple times.”

It’s his second new track this summer. He hooked up with Zac Brown Band for “Out in the Middle” earlier this year.