Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Battle It Out During ‘The Voice’s Blind Auditions

by Alex Falls
Michael Kovac / Contributor / Getty

So far this season of The Voice has proven to be one of the most memorable in quite some time. The talent on display has been tremendous and the coaches have all been elated to hear the fresh young voices. Including power couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

The married couple found themselves competing for young singers to bring onto their teams during the blind auditions. One such talent, 15-year-old Ansley Burns of South Carolina, grabbed both of their attention. She performed “Unchained Melody” as made famous by LeAnn Rimes. Stefani immediately hit her red button to get a look at the excellent performance.

Shelton followed shortly after. But before husband and wife could battle it out, Shelton blocked in his own wife to keep Burns on his team.

“My husband blocked me, so I can’t be your coach,” Stefani told Burns on the show. “But I am super happy for you because Blake is one of the greatest guys in the whole world, and your tone it’s so pretty. I think that because you’re so young and you have so much growing to do, Blake is going to help you with that.”

“I gotta tell you I literally used my block on my wife,” Shelton told the singer. “Ansley, you’re stuck with me. I’m sorry, I’m your coach, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

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The battle between Shelton and Stefani didn’t end there. Later on, Cara Brandisi took the stage to perform a country rendition of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.” After a few seconds, Shelton and Stefani immediately hit their red buttons to see the face behind the voice. After the two went back-and-forth about whose team Cara should join, Gwen tried to persuade the contestant with a heartfelt message.

“Your lane is something that I’m a fan of. I was born in the ’70s, I listened to all kinds of singer-songwriters,” Stefani said. “I love storytelling and I love just putting your heart in a song and being able to relate to something that somebody went through and then letting the vocal take you there – I don’t think that it matters about genre as much as it matters about heart, and musical is the vessel to that. And I would love to work with you.”

Before the young talent could answer, a hilarious husband and wife moment happened when Shelton’s phone alarm went off during the show.

“Um, Blake has to take his medication,” Gwen joked. But as Shelton clarified, “She’s actually not kidding. She set that alarm for me on my phone.”

Shelton apologized profusely for the interruption, but it shows even when they’re competing for singers they both look out for each other. Shelton might have swooped in to take Ansley Burns for his team, but Brandisi chose to go to team Stefani in the end.