Blake Shelton Has the Perfect Two Word Response to New Zac Brown Band Collaboration

by Jonathan Howard

There’s something brewing in the country music world. Blake Shelton is doing a collaboration with Zac Brown Band. It’s something that fans of both acts should love. Usually, we see Shelton featured with another solo artist. This time he’s saddling up with an entire band and it feels like it will be a special song.

Every since Shelton became a stepdad, he’s been talking more and more about retirement and what comes after the entertainment business. However, for a man that thinks about retirement that often, he sure is staying busy. I guess doing only one season of The Voice every year leaves him with some extra energy.

Earlier today, Zac Brown Band posted a graphic teasing the upcoming collab and Blake Shelton kindly returned the favor in order to get fans pumped for the song, which drops on June 22.

“Hell yeah!!!” is all Shelton needed to say.

In case you couldn’t tell, the fans are excited. Throughout the replies to both tweets are country music listeners who are so ready for this collab that they can hardly stand it. Some fans would have liked to see Shelton drop a new solo single, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Now, Zac Brown Band already released the song “Out in the Middle” this past March. Apparently, Blake Shelton heard the song and wanted a little piece of it. It’s a country music song dedicated to all of the things that folks “Out in the Middle” get up to. That means shooting, riding ATVs, and just having a whole hell of a lot of fun.

That sounds like something that Shelton can connect with and maybe even up the game a little bit.

Blake Shelton Gets Dissed at His Own Bar

While all of the news from Blake Shelton and Zac Brown Band came out today, it was just this weekend when Shelton was disrespected at his own bar. Ole Red played host to a special Spotify event for the CMA Fest weekend. From there, things got…hilarious.

Shelton might have new music on the way, he might have all the accolades and this and that, but even he has to be the butt of the joke now and again. Especially when Luke Bryan decides to show up and make fun of you from up on stage. Of course, Blake wasn’t there to defend himself.

Bryan asked if anyone knew any Blake Shelton songs… inside his own bar. Imagine the audacity of that! Of course, the two are friends and are often gently ribbing one another or cracking a joke about one thing or another. Whether it’s country music or how they each farm back home, nothing is off the table.