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Blake Shelton Opens Up About Holiday Cooking Traditions With Gwen Stefani

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC via Getty Images)

With Christmas less than two weeks away, Blake Shelton opens up about his holiday cooking traditions with his wife and fellow The Voice coach, Gwen Stefani

During a recent interview with Us Weekly, Blake Shelton spoke about the holiday tradition, which has become a favorite of his. “Gwen and I, our tradition has become cooking during Christmas,” Shelton explained. “And not just your normal, typical [dishes]. But we always challenge ourselves and try to come up with a different, weird, complicated, difficult thing to cook every year.”

Blake Shelton also revealed how this tradition with Stefani came to be. “It started one year [when] she wanted to do a beef Wellington,” he answered. “Which is not easy, by the way.”

Following that experience, Blake Shelton said that he and the former No Doubt frontwoman now try to do something “weird and new” every year. “Gwen’s family, there’s a lot of Italian blood in her family,” Shelton continued. “And so there’s tons of pastas and there’s a reason that I have a chin like a stork the last five years. It’s because I’m hanging out with the Stefanis now.”

Blake Shelton went on to reveal that cooking with Stefani is actually easier than collaborating on music projects with her. “Singing with Gwen is way harder than cooking with her,” he stated. “Cooking is easy for us because neither one of us really know what we’re doing, and all we do is laugh the whole time. With music, we actually take [it] serious.”

Gwen Stefani Shared That She And Blake Shelton ‘Bonded Over’ Christmas Music Early Into Their Relationship

Along with Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani spoke about how she and the country music hitmaker ended up bonding over Christmas music early into their relationship. She also proclaimed that Shelton makes it feel like Christmas. “It’s not even Christmas tonight,” Blake Shelton responded “But you make it feel like it is. … How cheesy is this bit?”

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton did discuss what kind of food he and Stefani will be having during this year’s holiday festivities. “There is red sauce and then an Alfredo and then some other bull crap and some cheese,” Shelton explained during his appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show. “It’s all in this dough and you cook it in the oven and you take it out and turn it over and you take the bowl off and you’ve got this dome that looks like this big round crust thing. There’s heaven inside of it. There’s all kinds of stuff and it’s so good.

Blake Shelton went on to add that Stefani has culinary skills and she puts them on display every Christmas. “She literally cooks all the time so our Christmas tradition has become a timpano pasta dome.”