Blake Shelton Honors Veterans With Moving Message

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Big Barrel)

Honoring those who have protected our country, country music hitmaker Blake Shelton took to Twitter to thank veterans for everything they have done to preserve freedom in the U.S. 

In the touching tribute, Blake Shelton tweeted, “There’s not enough words to express how thankful I am for the brave men and women that serve or have served our country. Thank you today and everyday.” 

Blake Shelton’s fans took to the social media platform to react to the country music star’s post. “Also why I’m a fan…,” one fan wrote. “Supporting, praising our military… my brother was a Marine who unfortunately from PTSD… Anyone that recognizes & supports that se who fought got my like!”

“Thank you Blake,” a veteran tweeted back. “As a Vietnam veteran and big fan [of] The Voice from very first show by the way and a Blake Shelton fan I thank you from the heart.” 

The touching post on Veteran’s Day came just a few months after Blake Shelton performed at a veteran’s event during Coachella Crossroads. Shelton also spent time with a disabled veteran on the Fourth of July. 

Blake Shelton Opens Up About His Late Father Being a Veteran 

During collaborating with NASCAR’s Jimmy Johnson to honor U.S. Military at this year’s Indy 500, Blake Shelton opened up about his late father being a veteran. 

“Well my dad was a Veteran, not of the Korean War, he was in Korea just after the war,” Blake Shelton explained. “But he served as a honor guard over there. My brother was in the army and my dad was also a huge Indy 500 fan, I mean like if the Indy 500 was on, that was his Super Bowl. That was his holiday and he would be extremely proud that I’m getting to do this with you and super jealous all at the same time.”

Blake Shelton’s father, Richard, passed away in 2012. The country singer admitted that he wishes he could go back in time and learn more from him. “He was not one of those guys that talked about it that much, you know now that he’s gone, I just have a million questions that I would ask him about that now if I could go back in time ten years.”

Blake Shelton also reflected on the stories he heard from other members of the U.S. military. “You know a solider says to you ‘your song got me through my tour of the Middle East,’ or whatever conflict they might’ve been in or maybe just missing home. Maybe just being stationed somewhere far away when these guys go in when they’re so young, you know, it’s a lot,” Shelton explained. “It reminds me that the things that you and I do are entertainment, but they’re important to people. I know you’ve had those same experiences I’m sure.”