Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Team Up for a Duet of ‘Austin’: WATCH

by Tia Bailey

Blake Shelton recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. He and Clarkson performed a duet of one of his chart-topping singles.

Shelton is a guest on the American Idol alum’s talk show later today, Monday. The pair discuss a lot of different things, one of them being Shelton’s earlier days in his country music career.

In a clip from the episode, Shelton and Clarkson duet Shelton’s 2001 hit, “Austin.” In the clip, Clarkson tells Shelton that she wants to sing with him, and both he and the crowd are excited.

“I’ve never heard you sing on this show, so that’s cool,” he joked, as Clarkson has been opening her show with “Kellyoke.”

Shelton then begins to play the song on guitar and sings, with Clarkson joining in. The crowd went wild for the duo after they finished. Clarkson highly praised her fellow singer, saying: “It’s so good. I know that Blake fans already know this, but you’ve gotta listen to the whole song, ’cause then that last chorus hits, and you’re like, ‘Ahhh!'”

The duet was amazing, and fans definitely thought so as well. On the sneak peek video, one fan commented: “Kelly Clarkson can sing anything and can harmonize with anyone. What a talent.” Another person wrote: “Their chemistry is amazing. I’ll miss her on the voice. But I’m excited for the voice season 22 tonight.”

Blake Shelton Shares Pride After Gwen Stefani’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

Shelton has been busy lately, with his new song and music video coming out and performing. He recently performed at Grand Ole Opry, and his superstar wife Gwen Stefani came out with him for a song.

As Stefani is known for singing pop/rock, it was obviously her first time performing on the iconic country music stage.

Shelton was introducing the newest winner of The Voice, Todd Tilghman, for his Grand Ole Opry debut. Shelton then returned to the stage to perform his latest single, “No Body.” However, when he returned to the stage, he did so with Stefani.

“Just like with Todd Tilghman, how long that performance had been coming… This next performance has been a long time coming also,” Shelton said.

The two sang together, and after a huge roar of applause, Shelton said: “By the way, everybody, may I also welcome for the first time to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, Gwen Stefani.”

Stefani shared that she never thought she would perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage. However, she was very happy to be there.

“This is one of those things you don’t dream about if you’re me,” Stefani said. “Then all of a sudden, I’m up here with Blake Shelton. It’s a miracle. I’m so grateful. Thank you so much.”