Blake Shelton Kicks Things Off at Texas Motor Speedway With ‘Start Your Engines’ Command

by Jonathan Howard

If you’re going to have an All-Star race in Texas…you gotta go big. Blake Shelton gave the starting command for NASCAR in Texas. The All-Star race is a time for fans and drivers to put the points standing aside and race for honor, glory, and one million dollars. This country music star got it going right.

Of course, this race wasn’t without its controversy. But, that’s for later. Before it all went down, the God’s Country singer threw down perhaps the best starting command that we’ve seen all year. Don’t get me wrong, fellow country music singer Brantley Gilbert did a good job. However, Shelton about threw his voice out.

Check out the video below and see for yourself. Even though it was yesterday, let Blake Shelton get your blood pumping this morning with his NASCAR command.

That’s about as good as it gets for a “start your engines” command. Although he’s a professional singer, his vocals couldn’t handle the intensity he put behind this one. Maybe he forgot to warm up beforehand? Either way, it made for a really great start to the race, even if the action on the track got a little…chaotic.

The country singer didn’t seem to believe this moment was happening, either. The Oklahoma native made his way down to the Lonestar state and left it all out on the stage. “Just a totally normal day.. yep.. totally normal…” he captioned his post. Even when you’re a big recording star, something like being the NASCAR starter is still hard to believe.

Blake Shelton and NASCAR. What gets better than that? It’s a match that should be made more during the season. The singer spends a lot of his time at his Oklahoma ranch with his new wife, Gwen Stefani. But, on Sunday, it was all NASCAR.

Blake Shelton Starts a Rocky NASCAR All-Star Race

The All-Star race, like any other all-star event in sports, is supposed to help drivers relax a bit. Put on a show for the fans. Get folks ready for the second half of the Cup Series season. Blake Shelton helped get NASCAR ready, but the action on the track couldn’t be saved by the country music singer.

This race looked like it was going to be the Kyle Busch show. The Candy Man was driving faster than any car on the track. Like, it wasn’t close. Stage 1 went to the No. 18 Toyota after starting on the pole. In Stage 2, Busch got loose, lost control of the car, and just as he was heading into pit road, Ross Chastain ran right into him, trying to pass the field on the inside.

This race would end with a controversial yellow flag right when the white flag was going to be waved. Ryan Blaney was in the lead, and then thought he had won the race. However, he had one lap to go, and he couldn’t believe it. His window net dropped for a second, and it could have led to a black flag disqualification.

However, Blaney zipped around one more lap, took home the checkered flag, and the one million dollar grand prize. NASCAR, y’all.