Blake Shelton Reminds Fans He Does Know Trace Adkins Ahead of ‘Monarch’ Premiere

by Suzanne Halliburton

Blake Shelton is predicting big things for Trace Adkins and Monarch. But The Voice coach can’t just give a straight out compliment.

Nope, the country music superstar likes to lean on sarcasm to get in both a dig and a compliment. It’s one of the his talents.

Shelton tweeted: “Another reminder before Monarch premieres tomorrow that I actually DO know Trace Adkins. Although he’s probably going to be an even bigger asshole now with this success.”

And if you look closely at the photos, you can see a young Blake Shelton and his infamous mullet. There’s also a snap of Shelton, Adkins and Snooki, from New Jersey Shore early reality show fame.

Wait, Is Blake Shelton Trying to Get Cast on Monarch?

And we think Blake Shelton is heavily invested in Monarch. Maybe he’s angling for a cameo. We already know that Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Little Big Town will be making appearances on the show this fall. The legendary Tanya Tucker will be kicking it old-school country on the series as well.

Shelton tweeted about Monarch earlier in the week. He also included four more snaps with Adkins. And he captained them: “So excited about Trace Adkins and (the) Monarch season premiere this Sunday that I had to prove that he and I truly are friends now that he’s actually going to be famous.”

Adkins, in fact, does have an idea for Shelton if he wanted to ditch The Voice and join Monarch.

“I think we should bring Blake Shelton in to play my stupid younger brother,” Adkins told Fox News. “That’s kind of what he is anyway.” Adkins then quote tweeted Shelton, heaping some friendly insults.

“There’s talk about you coming on the show to do a guest spot as my dumber, younger, uglier brother,” Adkins wrote of Blake Shelton. “Hollywood typecasting, bruh… But, you can’t be kissin’ on me like that. HR says it’s like super bad or whatever.”

So you know family can talk about family. It’s all OK. Plus, Adkins told Fox that he hasn’t asked Shelton for acting help.

“You can’t compare that stuff,” Adkins told Fox News. “Blake’s thing is a completely different animal,”

That’s true. Blake Shelton does a reality show and talks about what he knows. That’s how to make music. Meanwhile, Adkins happens to be playing Albie Roman, a country music star on Monarch, so he has that part down. He’ll even be performing himself. As part of the Monarch promos, the series social media team tweeted a video of Albie singing with Ana. The two are doing a duet of “Half of My Hometown.” If you’re a country fan, you know Kelsea Ballerini and Kenny Chesney made that song a hit.

Monarch premieres on Fox Sunday at 7 p.m. Central.