Blake Shelton Reveals Behind-the-Scenes ‘Secrets’ From His ‘No Body’ Video

by Megan Molseed

The Voice star and country music superstar Blake Shelton is rocking the mullet in his newest release. Taking us back to the good ole days of 90s country with his latest hit, No Body. However, it seems he’s taken the title of his newest hit single quite literally recently. As he gives us a sneak peek on his Instagram while he prepares to be filmed with (literally) “no body.”

Blake Shelton Is Giving Away His ‘No Body’ Secrets To…Well, Everybody!

Blake Shelton’s newest single No Body is a catchy play on words. The track was released on August 19 and is the latest single from his recent album titled Body Language. And the video is almost better than the song! It’s full of 1990 country music deliciousness. Featuring the reality TV judge rocking his mullet as he serenades a group of line dancing customers in a roadside bar.

It’s a hit that takes us straight back to the good days of modern country. From the neon signs to the group’s boot-scootin’ on the dancefloor all the way to Shelton’s twangy country sound.

As the new video and hit single continues to become a brand-new classic, Blake Shelton is taking this No Body thing a little further. Now, with the green screen in a recent Instagram post. And he’s sharing the “secrets” behind the special effects that go into the creation of his new “Jib Jab” video clip.

Shelton Comes Clean About The Green Screen Special Effects

In his recent Instagram post, Blake Shelton jokes about “giving away his secrets” as he stands in front of a green screen during a video shoot. The God Country singer is also decked out in a green-screen cloth that sits draped over his shoulders. All as he gets his 90s mullet coiffed behind the scenes.

“Can’t believe I’m giving away my secrets,” the country music star quips in his Insta post. Shelton then adds the hashtags “#NoBody” and “#greenscreen.”

“I’m a little uncomfortable, giving away my secrets,” the singer quips as he stands getting ready for filming.

“But,” the star adds as the team prepares his 1990s mullet for the shoot as he dons the green screen cape and a black cowboy hat. “I know this will come as a shock to you guys,” the singer adds. “But it’s not really me dancing [in] whatever this thing is.”

The camera then pulls out to give us a full-body view of Shelton during the shoot as he remembers what the shoot is for. “Jib Jab!” the star exclaims. “That’s what it is.”